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giving in?!

to: someone w/ some knowledge,
i am an 8 year vet of bodybuilding and powerlifting. i’ve competed and placed in every comp. that i’ve attended. i’m 5’10’’ 200 lbs. and sit @ about 9 % bodyfat in the off-season. i’m a certified trainer w/ a degree in the nutrition field. so, my question is: i’ve never taken anything aside from over the counter sups. and am starting to feel like i’m at my peak. i would like to step it up a notch or two, but don’t want to feel like i’m going to throw away all of the hard work and dedication that it has taken to get where i am naturally. any advice on this dilemma of mine would be much appreciated.

First some questions: What will “giving-in” get you? Short Term, Long Term(in 50 years).
Have you used Tribex, Androsol and Mag-10?
You are faced with a big choice.
Best of Luck.

I’ve been a “drug-free” bodybuilder for all of the 19-years I’ve been training. I’ve been competing, off and on since 1987. I have been tempted to go the drug route -but that was years ago. What made me not take them is the realization there is more damage (negative side effects) from “Vitamin S” to women than men. So, I refuse to touch 'em.

What I've done is learned to tweak my diet. Learned about nutrition. Have you taken into consideration your diet? (yes, I see that you have a degree in the nutrition field,but how have you applied that knowledge for youself?). And maybe the over the counter supps aren't working for you now and it's time to look at something different? What type of supps are you taking now? What about training? As you can see here in T-Mag there is practically infinite ways (programs) to train. I see you maintain a BF% of 9%. Maybe you can afford to go up a percentage or two and bulk more during the off-season.

BTW: you've only been training 8-years. Yes, I said ONLY. You're still learning.

I haven’t heard of anyone using Charles Staley’s EDT and failing. Have you asked any of your peers for help? With proper periodization, its possible, but highly improbable to hit genetic max. Step back and look at your training style and diet through the eyes of a trainer assessing a trainees approach. Get creative.

Are you saying that you are giving in to using steiroids? Don’t do it. Be one of the guys who kept it 100% nat. T! Depending on your goal, it just sounds as if you need to bump up the calories in the right percentages to bring on new, and to keep that new muscle.All of your hard work will not be thrown away as far as I see it but you will now know in your heart that you had to cheat to be the best you can.So if you ask me Tito, stay clean. Jesse.

One of the bubbas I train with off and on had been training for 15 years and was considering going the “chemical” route too. Instead he increased his protein intake to 400g per day, no shit 400 grams! And he started growing again after 15 years. My advice, take a step back, and analyze your diet with a cold eye. Make some good dietary changes and Ill bet you get out of that slump bro. As always, just my opinion…

I have faced this situation myself. I am 37 years old and my first show was in 1982. I have compeated at every level, tested and otherwise and have done quite well. In 1989 I won sevral quality shows in the AAU and ANBC. I did well in the nationals and I thought I needed the edge to go farther. My two best friends were also cranking titles and one of them started working with the needle. My other frined and I decided not to. The moral of the story is my buddy who went for the edge won a few more shows and peeked at 27. He’s now… well lets just say past his prime. I continued to plug away and won the Natural USA last year, and placed well at the nationals. My other friend mark is several weeks out form from the Jr. Nationals and is at his all time best… by the way he’s 42. I would rather reach a personal best each year of my life then reach that hudge peek only once. Every year I am noticed, if only by a few, and it feels good.