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Giving HGH Try


Gents..I'm a 55 Y/O guy who has been lifting for many years. I'm at that point where age is slowing me down in the gym. My muscle mass is decreasing and I want to stop that trend. I'm thinking about giving HGH a try. Any advice would be greatly appreciated


Its extremely expensive. Being monitored by a good anti-aging doc is also very important.


hey there

at 55 years old your testosterone levels are definitely not what they used to be to when you were 20 years old. I would suggest a low test dosage - possibly test with a deconate ester so that it has a longer half life and you dont have to inject too regularly (also read up on TRT - Test Replacement Therapy) OR just get yourself some natural testosterone boosting supplements like Tribulus Terrestus, etc...it will help boost your natural test levels with regular use....see if you can get one that has ZMA included to make it more effective.

Combine that with a bit of HGH (even an anti aging dose would be effect - 2ius a day or 3ius every other day) and you have a pretty decent solution to your problem. I would probably be doing a similar thing when i reach your age.



You should not be giving out advice on anything in this forum, based on the questions you ask (and dont ask in the face of info presented to you)


6 months on at 2IU's per day off weekends 6 months off. HRT would be cheaper and as effective if not more and you could get it from doctor.


If you're after anti aging, ghrp6 may be better suited, way cheaper. Just know that the anti aging effects of GH are not proven (though it did improve, hugely, the black eye circles I had since 30).
As for keeping muscle mass, again, ghrp6 will do the job, and lean you out a bit as a bonus, for much less $$.


Gents...thanks for the avice


a forum my friend is about information sharing....you seem to only be interested in dissing people or being unnecessarily rude.

My advice below was merely what i have read or have discussed with others on other sites/forums...so in the interest of attempting to help i was merely sharing what little knowledge I had. You on the other hand havent had anything helpful to say ...just being rude or making nasty comments. And if i remember correctly when i posted a while back on here..you did exactly the same thing. I really dont know what I have done to offend you or piss you off?

The other guys on here are very helpful, bushy, bill, etc...and we highly appreciate their input. Remember we all dont have the knowledge or experience in relation to the questions we ask..after all we wouldnt be here if we knew everything.

So please be nice.


You dont have the experience to be giving your opinion on how another person should be using drugs. Plain and simple. If you want to give your opinion you should make your experience level explicitly clear, so the person reading is not misled.

Ive posted plenty of quality information. Most of my posts these days tend to police garbage information guys like you tend to blurt out because youve accuired an extremely small amount of knowledge and feel the need to that be knmown. If you want me to be more helpful stop posting stuff unless you know it is rock solid 100% true, and can show why that is so.


You didnt ask a question in this thread. You posted advice. You dont have the experience level to qualify you to give advice.

You dont even have a handle on the difference between SERMs and AIs ffs.


all hail the knowledge guru

After much discussions with Bushy and he can confirm this ...i have been using HGH for some time. Hence why i commented on it.

when it comes to steroid use..yes i am still a newbe and yes if you didnt notice my Level on my profile does say Level 0 or Novice...

i dont see the point of bite someone's head off for attempting to give advice or to try and point someone in a direction where they can get more information to see if it would work for them.

I did ask questions on my other posts where you basically kakked me out for asking and telling me i dont know the basics.....DUUUR im here to learn the basics when it comes to steroids thats why i ask...
You shouldnt be quick to rip someone off for no reason. Not everyone is a pro like you and guys with greater knowledge than you are far humbler and more helpful.

besides this above discussion with you is not really why i am here...im here to learn and get advice..please find someone else to argue with.


Hey Ill say this one more time. PLease understand it.

You claim to have knowledge and experience with GH. Great.

Then why the hell are you giving advice on TRT when youve just admitted that you are still learning about AAS?

Thats what Im talking about.

Your 'level' is an idicator of how many supplements youve bought from the Biotest store, nothing more.


ok fair enough.

i did suggest reading up on TRT ...not take my advice on TRT :slight_smile: and its common knowledge that ones test levels decline with age ... so i were merely suggesting checking that out. Also a small test protocol combined with HGH is highly anabolic ...so it would be logical to combine the 2.

I see i havent posted my stats

Age: 32
Height: 5'10
Weight: 85kg (peak weight 92kg)
Biceps & Calves @ 17.5 inches (max size while on cycle = 19 inches)
Years Training Naturally = 15
1 year on AAS
AAS Cycles Completed = 2 (starting weight before cycle = 80kg)
Cycle 1= Test E, Dbol, Clen, Winny
Cycle 2= Test E, Sustanon, Dbol, and Deca.
Bench Max = 140kg @ 8 reps
Squat Max = 220kg @ 6 reps
Curl Max = 60kg @ 4 reps


Wow i thought the whole time it was how many posts you made and your level goes up


Where does one purchase ghrp 6? I googled it and some websites poped up but not sure how realiable they are??

Thank you,


Where does one purchase ghrp 6? I googled it and some websites poped up but not sure how realiable they are??

Thank you,