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Giving Daily SubQ Injections a Go

Will post results. Currently starting low with 12mg daily. Any advice from forum members regarding this protocol?

Why so low? 84mg a week? Why? 20mg daily should be bare minimum.

Some guys prefer Sub-Q and some prefer IM. Some prefer one over another due to the injection itself and some prefer how they feel. Some get wildly different serum levels and others it makes virtually no difference.

You just need to try it for yourself and see what difference it makes… But I can guarantee you that you are wasting your time doing 12mg daily.

@dbossa, have responded well to lower dosages in the past, for one. Second, the general consensus is that with more frequent subcutaneous injections, you can get away with a lower dosage. When I get up to around 120mg per week, I do feel my best, however I begin to struggle with skin related side effects, namely acne among other things as well. The hopes of a lower daily dosage is that I will be able to avoid these side effects and get symptom resolution.

I am very sensitive to medication in general and trying to determine if hormone fluctuations are the cause of the skin related side effects. I hope this fills you in with my thought process, and I’d be curious your response given my elaboration.

Kind regards.

If it works for you, by all means. The key is to take the lowest dose possible to resolve symptoms, whatever that dose is. If you feel great and get acne at anything higher, then stay there. I knew very few men who feel optimized using >100 per week dosing. Try it out and see. If you don’t feel great, the obvious next step will be to increase dose.

Fixed that for you. De nada.


Will certainly titrate up from 12mg daily if not having symptom resolution. May just have to accept acne at higher dosages and I am okay with that given the symptom resolution. Appreciate the input, and I will be giving the forum an update in the coming weeks / months.

You have to start somewhere to find out what works and 12mg isn’t considered low by any means. You can slowly work your way up if needed, but wait at least 6-8 weeks between dosing changes.

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This is what happens when you type on your damn smartphone with gym gloves on :joy:

Thanks buddy!

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8mg prop daily gave me fucking great mood, motivation and energy.

yes, you think that’s more because of the ester or dosage? Do you think you would get the same response at 8mg cypionate daily? Cypionate is currently all I am prescribed.

I tried them both. Cypionate gives me better libido, but worse energy.

8mg prop was some SERIOUS high energy and motivation, almost felt high, constant dopamine hits. But low libido, unfortunately.

I thought you were all dialed in and doing amazing? Seems you’re still here looking for answers yet want to stick to the same mentality. Funny how that works.

I also find great difference between same protocol on sustanon and enanthate. On sustanon definetely better