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Giving Clomid/A-Dex a Whirl

Just a head’s up, as i’ve seen several other guys are trying this here and on other forums…

below are some interesting studies on the topic, for those of you who have been looking into this as well:





I am interested to see your results, cyco. Keep this updated.

awesome. I’m looking forward to it…

This is off topic a bit from my side though your experiment with this is interesting. Should work atleast with secondary hypogonadism to my understanding.

However, i saw you planning to take 0.1mg arimidex per day.
Due to language barrier i’m not sure with what english word i’m supposed to search the info, but how do you “divide” the 1mg pill to take only 0.1mg of it? What is this process called?

This information could possibly help me alot soon.

If your T levels are higher normal, you could take .25mg anastrozole EOD. The half life supports that.

I have to state, as always, that some guys feel like shit on clomid. Novadex does not do that and had equal effects.

25mg ED is often way too much. You do not want sky high LH levels as the LH receptors can become desensitized and T–>E2 inside the testes can be high and anastrozole does not work there and E2 can become unmanageable. Many BB forums are full of bro-science doses and clinical research is often not seeking or recommending proper doses but looking to define the response mechanisms.

Clomid and Nolvadex have longish half-lives and EOD dosing is appropriate.

To to fractions of anastrozole, dissolve 1mg/ml in vodka and dispense by the drop.

Do labs:

Quick question for Cyco or KSman:

Do SERMs work in a way where LH is released in a pulsatile manner as seen in HPTA intact males? Or is the hypothalamus continuously blinded and stimulating down stream in a flat manner as in HCG injections? Thanks.

Great response to a SERM. I am happy for you. Looks like you may not need a lifetime of injections. I would do a restart like this once or twice a year if I was you. I am even thinking of doing a Nolva restart myself and see how I respond.

Now, I would reccomend you do another E2 test, especially if you do not feel any low E2 sides. With that low of a Adex dose, it might be a lab error. I’ve used privatemdlabs before and found it to be unreliable due to LabCorp. I am using labsmd.com, a sister company that uses Quest for testing. Prices are identical without the 15% discount, however. I’ve found Quest to be much more reliable than LabCorp.

My blood drawn on the same day:

LabCorp: E2: <5, range 7-42
Quest: E2: 32, range <39

I had no low E2 sides. Just something to think about.

I did not. Only had a baseline prior to TRT with Quest. Came in at 24.

It would be good to test LH/FSH when you think that you are at a sweet spot.

Getting E2 corrected may make a huge difference.

If LH was really high, E2 could be high and anastrozole could not deliver very low E2.

You could swap Nolvadex for Clomid, same dosing and see what you feel. Do not do this until E2 corrected and your brain/body has normalized to that.

Very low E2 is also known to create adverse cholesterol/lipids.

Yeah, I find it hard to believe that kind of T response in the testes will allow for such a crashed E2 in the serum, especially with that low of a dose of Adex. Even with more AI your testes should be able to aromatize to some level. I think your E2 test was bunk, just like mine was. I would re-test.

I’ve also been experiencing low T for a while now, but I’m only 21 years old so my doctor is not willing to consider putting me on anything at this point, hoping that my levels will return to normal.

Just wondering if your Doctor prescribed clomiphone to you, or were you able to purchase it online from a reliable source?

B_Easy, Please create your own thread:
Post lab results with lab ranges.

Please read these stickies:

  • advice for new guys
  • things that damage your hormones

I will be interested to see how much your T levels drop after quitting the AI.


lgs, i believe my bloodwork was legit afterall. since i’ve stopped the A-dex, i’ve noticed an increase in morning wood…[/quote]

Sounds good, if it works, don’t fix it.

Btw, did you have the LH/FSH labs with that 893 TT?

E2 is too low. You may be an anastrozole over-responder. Stop for 5-6 days to wash out then reduce dose to 1/4th of expected dose.
For guys not on TRT, I suggest 0.5mg/week in divided doses, you you need 1/8th mg per week in divided doses.

Not sure if I have the picture re what you were doing for 9/25 labs and doing now.

What was adex dose leading up to 2/19 labs?

Following this one closely, thanks for the update!

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Yup, thought so. There is no way you have that low of E2 with that much LH and total T. Intratesticular aromatization alone would yield more E2 in serum.

Don’t use LabCorp.

Use Labsmd.com, a sister company to privatelabsmd.com. They go through Quest Diangostics. Quest never failed me.

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