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Giving Bodybuilders A Bad Name


What are you talking about? Sex doll is a step up from banging a literal melon. Bodybuilders are improving.


She looks kind of bitchy to me. One of those perennially bored, vaguely dissatisfied types.


Happy Cake Day!

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Actually, that thing is kind of a high status object due to their cost.

Dude could proudly strut through any comicon, temple of nerddom, or @greenboy 's living room and basically rock the joint.


I can tell, @EmilyQ is right, she’s totally a bitch.

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I don’t think the guy’s giving bodybuilders a bad name. After reading the article you posted, out of all of that, the last thing that jumped out was that he’s a bodybuilder. Hadn’t you mentioned it, I wouldn’t have even noticed.

Well, he’s clearly either out of his mind or he’s found a good way to gain popularity and fame (which would still mean that he’s kinda crazy because who the fuck would do that to become “famous”?)

Plot twist, he owns an upstart synthetic doll manufacturing firm based out of China.


This is what happens when they get tired of gay for pay.


I choose love over mocking the inanimate persons of our world.

If this guy was a track wannabe then it wouldn’t rate a mention. Bodybuilding only gets raised in the article because it already has a bad name.


This isn’t giving bodybuilding a bad name: just continually re-affirming it.


that’ll be the only time i get called a bodybuilder is if i do something nuts and get on the news

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Reminds me of one of my favorite jokes.

Guy goes to a bar and sees another dude there. He looks depressed. He says, “Hey man, what’s wrong?”

The guy lets out a deep sigh and goes

“Let me tell you something. I worked at the auto plant for 20 years. The whole time I was there, I was building cars. But no one here calls me ‘Bob the car builder.’”

"For 15 years, I’ve played organ at the church, every Sunday, but no one calls me “Bob the organ player.”

“But I tell you man, you f**k a sheep just ONE time…”


:rofl::rofl: thanks for a great laugh

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The dude HAS to have some kind of mental illness… perhaps he’s deluded, thinks the inanimate object is a legitimate, living, breathing human being… in which case, why would anyone let him go through with this, surely such madness would be stopped?

Marriage is supposed to be between two living beings no?

This reminds me of that kid who brought his xbox to the prom, except I’m fairly sure that was a joke and this isn’t

Bodybuilders have been falling in love with their own fake, distorted images for decades…why not something else’s fake, distorted image?

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Dunno. She looks about as real as a typical Instagram girl.

Probably a better personality and lower maintenance – just some silicone spray and a lithium ion battery.

She’s cute, but her mouth is way too small.


Sure, but marriage is the union of two people in a relationship… here there is only one person in the “relationship”

Perhaps he’s doing it for the PR… some people want attention and will take any kind of attention be it good or bad