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Giving Blood

I’ve been debating this issue for awhile and would like a definative answer (I doubt one exists however). When I see the signs at work, I am typically torn between helping my fellow bretheren and my own selfish goals of being swole. Qualitatively (I do not suspect that there are quantitative results), does giving blood significantly affect ones ability to build, much less retain, LBM. I presume I should specify the question by adding “natural bodybuilder” and “without additional supplements”.

Any input?

Come on. Do the right thing.

You don’t have to give blood to find out if you have HIV/Aids. You can get tested for free at your local Planned Parenthood or health department.

With a solid, healthy diet and adequate rehydration, giving blood will just be a minor bump in the road. I’d train beforehand and not plan on doing anything physical for the rest of the day. But the next day, you should be pretty much fine.

OK, let’s review this…your blood is composed of 55% plasma (of which 90% is water, 7% plasma protein and 3% other) and 45% formed elements (of which > 99% red blood cells, < 1% white blood cells and platelets). When you donate blood, the typical removal of one unit (or nearly 500ml), represents approximately an 8% to 10% reduction in both the total blood volume and the number of circulating red blood cells. Since blood plasma is primarily water, drink lots of fluid to help return blood plasma volume to normal (usually within 24-48 hours). It does take about six weeks to reconstitute red blood cells, which could be detrimental to long duration aerobic performance during this period of time.
I don’t think that it will affect your ability to retain LBM. Just make sure that you maintain your protein intake and there are no worries.

Good one, Nate Dogg!

Just space out your donations. Don’t give once a week. ahahaha. Seriously though this practice has never affected my muscle growth. Whatever you do don’t go out for beers that night it will kill you.

I just hit the gallon mark of giving myself, never had any adverse affect for me. Don’t plan on doing anything physical that day. Drink a’lot of water, eat good and you should be fine. I also agree with the not drinking part, it REALLY makes you feel like a lightweight.