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Giving Birth During a Workout


Must've been a heck of a workout.


Chilean Olympic weightlifter Elizabeth Poblete has given birth to a baby boy during a training session, without having known she was pregnant.

Ms Poblete, 22, who lives in Brazil, said she had felt unwell but had had no idea she was expecting a baby.

The boy was three months premature and was taken to hospital with his mother, where he remains in intensive care.

The hospital in Sao Paulo denied reports it forced Ms Poblete to leave after she was unable to pay for care.

Ms Poblete began to feel unwell during training on 8 December, as she was preparing to take part in a competition.

Shortly after, she gave birth to a baby weighing only 1.2kg (2.25lbs) and measuring about 34cm (14 inches).

Both were taken to hospital in Sao Paulo but Ms Poblete has since been discharged, reportedly telling local media she could not afford to continue receiving treatment.

Ms Poblete came 12th in the 75kg women's category at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.


Holy fuck.

Has anyone ever seen that show "I didn't know I was pregnant"?? Shit's mortifying!


I gave it a quick watch. I just wanted to know who wouldn't know.


Women who have little body fat don't have periods although they can conceive. The ovulation still happen and the egg can get fertilized but with no period she may well not know she is PG. That is one theory.


My girlfriends sister and my old roommate was preggo for 8 months before she found out. I live with her and I didnt even notice. She said she continued to have her period the entire time. A month after we all found out...out popped a baby. LOL.

The workout one was crazy though. Damn.


Fuck, apparently this happens way more often than I thought. I sure hope I'm not pregnant.


Yikes. I seriously wonder how that baby will turn out.


If a girl is lean enough to stop having periods it is unlikely she could conceive and if she did and was that lean, the pregnancy would be fairly obvious. If you can tell a woman with normal BF is expecting, imagine a woman at under 12% (supposed baseline for amenorrhea). I've heard more stories about women who were overweight and hiding/being in denial of their pregnancies.
It's crazy that the poor girl cannot get the medical treatment she needs though, and crazier still that she gave birth in the weight room. The pressure on her uterus and bladder must have been insane doing full C&J's and snatches. No wonder she was feeling unwell.


I know a woman with 3.1% bodyfat, that had twins and competed the next day.

It's known fact.


I thought you were supposed to train with "shit a KIDney" intensity


I thought u were supposed to train with "shit a KIDney" intensity


I see what you did there. LMAO!!


Happened to one of the women who works at my local laundrette. She didn't know she was pregnant (she does not have low BF mind you...). Sometimes the uterus is positioned so that the bump does not stick out much - not sure how that happens exactly, but apparently it does. Very strong abs (like the weightlifter would have had) can stop the belly from popping out as much, too. Freaky shit though - I'd be mortified if that ever happened to me. Never wanted kids and the idea of giving birth horrifies more than the chest burster scene from Alien.


I can relate. Kids are parasites and who needs them. I have four but if I had it to do over I'd never have any.




Are you serious?


Yeah he's serious. Pirates don't want kids around.


Especially butt pirates.



Gee didn't know I was a butt pirate butt (pun) it takes one to know one


Well, they are fucking expensive. Kids, not butt pirates. Especially as the fuckers won't leave home now that they can no longer afford a mortgage (dunno if that's the case in the US but in the UK, house prices are insane enough no one can hope to get on the property ladder unless they're earning a management level salary. Got a whole generation of 30 somethings living with their parents).

Personally, I just don't get kids. They're like small, noisy, smelly aliens. I used to get a lot of "oh you'll change, wait until your biological clock starts ticking." Well I'm 42 now, fuckers. Mother Nature forgot to install my clock.

I'm happy - I get to lounge around and play computer games in my spare time and take holidays involving riding rollercoasters around the world. Who needs kids when you can be one?