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Giving Away Some Gear...


Due to the recent acquisition of some new gear (Metal 1 ply and Rage x double) I am looking for a home for 2 gently used pieces of equipment, a size 56 1 ply phenom w/velcro back and a size 60 Titan Fury w/stretchy back, both are clean, free of runs or tears and yours for the price of a return postage paid envelope. They are both stock, no shortened arms or alterations so if they are close to fitting you feel free to grab them and have them tailored.


I am in.



They are yours then, just send me a big enough envelope/box/etc and I will pack them in and send them back.

Brian Hanson
8145 Ashery Lane
Cicero, NY 13039




sigh...Pete, send em my way when you are through with em.


what't the approx weight? 7lb or so? and DF, I think these would be way oversized on you (said as much on FB just now), but I have a training partner who is SHW who can fucking blow away the USAPL SHW record if I get him in the right shirt.


We really need to coordinate our fb chats, can never seem to catch you when you are actually available to chat



7 lbs seems more than enough.


You're not associated with USAPL are you? Gasp!

I thought about throwing my hat in the ring regarding the gear and sending it off to O to tailor it for me.


cuz I am never on for long at a stretch. I am a FB ninja


only in an insidious and terroristic way...

that would be a lot of fabric cut:)