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Given the Circumstances, Should I Use Steroids?

Hey guys, this is my first post on the forum, and ill start it off with a bang by asking whether I should use steroids.

I think I have fairly good genetics. I’m around 210lbs at 15% bodyfat, and 6’2. I’ve been approaching my third year in weightlifting, and I bench 315, squat 405, and deadlift 515. I have a small waist for my height and I feel like I could do well in bodybuilding, however I want to compete enhanced in the NPC.

If I were to cut down to around 10-12% bodyfat, would you guys think it would be helpful to a bodybuilding career if I started pinning around 300mg of test weekly with no AI because of my age? Also I would run roughly a 6-8 week PCT afterwards.

The reason why I ask is because I believe I can only put on around 10 more lbs of muscle naturally as my absolute limit, along with no more than a plate on each of my compounds. A lot of top tier athletes in the industry begin using around 18-19, I feel pressured like I should do the same if I want to make it in the industry as a bodybuilder.

Thanks, much love

You mentioned age without saying how old you are, kind of necessary for someone to weigh in.

Only you can decide if AAS are right for you.

NEVER run a testosterone cycle without an AI and under no circumstances let anyone convince you otherwise! Age has nothing to do with weather you need it or not.

6’2 210lbs with 16% fat and you think you can only go another ten lbs naturally? Is this a joke? I know everyone is different but I am 5’11 and I got to 230 with around 18% with nothing but hard work and the placebo effect. I was getting close to deploying to Iraq with my unit and I saw on the charts that if I gained about 5 pounds I would require the larger ballistic vest plate. So I figured gain the weight get the wider ballistic plate then in the month after I was issued my plate I could diet and get back to the original weight while keeping the larger plate that covered more of me. I told a buddy my plan so he suggested a prohormone so most of the weight would be muscle and end up helping me on deployment. Well I didn’t know shit ended up with a B.S. prohormone that was nothing but dhea. At the time I started eating more and better food while putting in a lot of extra gym time. By the time it was done I made my goal and liked how I looked. All deployment I kept cycling this prohormone man I was putting on muscle left and right and you had better not get in my way in the gym. By the time deployment ended I was up almost 20 lbs…then I found out the prohormone was junk absolutely nothing anabolic in it. I learned a valuable lesson in the “placebo effect.” Ultimately it was my refinement of my nutrition and work out regiment that led to the twenty pounds. I admit I was built more like a power lifter at that point but I had definition.

So you being 210 at 3 inches taller than me and thinking you are only ten pounds from genetic limit might be false.

I have the feeling you are young and looking for “permission” to go down this path with AAS’s. So here it is, you can absolutely do them! But do them correctly and safely. Use do not ABUSE!

Depending on your age that will dictate what your next step in getting ready for your first cycle is. If you are under 25 you need to read up on what “peak natural production” is and how it relates to testosterone levels especially for later in life, like 35, 45, 55 and so on. You need to know and understand the risks associated with interrupting the natural rise of testosterone to “peak natural production.” Even late as 21 years old if you cycle and interrupt that natural development you can stunt the way your body naturally fills out.

If you are under 25 and want to wait until then, you can still prepare for your first cycle. Even if you are at your genetic limit you can still do work to optimize your body for the first cycle. You can continue to develop veins, nutrient delivery, and androgen receptors even at genetic limit. Basically you need to push until you cannot gain. When I say this I mean you are such a beast in the gym that eating 3000 plus calories a day of CLEAN food you cannot gain anymore muscle or FAT. That’s the indicator you need to see, eating clean food in a strong caloric surplus and you are not gaining fat. You need to be at this point for at least six months but a year is better and here’s why; your tendons need to develop. The last thing you want to do is be going up in strength hit your wall then jump on a cycle. The point your tendons are at in that time frame is they are stressed. They are working past there developed stage. The tendons tend to be about six months or more behind the muscle development. A lot of guys injure themselves by going and pushing past their tendons safe usage window. If you can still go up in strength you need to get to where no more food will make you any stronger then sit at that weight range for at least six months in the gym. That way the tendons can catch up to the muscle and have to ability to support new muscle growth.

Even in that six month window where you just cannot go up any more in strength you need to be pushing the rep count up. That way your body is in a positive anabolic development routine when you do your first cycle. That way you have some momentum and the cycle is just pushing it along.

If you do not want to wait until you cannot go up in strength you still need to sit at the weight range and go up in reps for six months. Trust me I did this and had good tendons but still have bad elbows simply from stressing them to much by going up to fast with the weight on cycle.

There is a saying that is wrong “there is no replacement for displacement.” Absolutely wrong! It is absolutely better to add in exercises and reps rather than put all your effort into total weight. Even with AAS you will only do so much weight before your body breaks. Adding exercises and reps is actually the only way I can now go up in weight with my major exercises. So don’t wait to develope the stamina it takes to do the extra exercises and reps it takes to properly fill out and ultimately go up in weight.

Also adding exercises and reps will still stimulate androgen receptors and guess what? The more receptors you have the better that cycle will work.

Your proposed PCT caught my eye. Don’t use Clomid for 8 weeks. I am not sure about Nolvadex for that long. I did once read that Nolvadex usage for up to three months still raised natural testosterone production for the three months. With that being said I have read using Clomid that long can desensitize your body to it but I don’t know if you can desensitize it to Nolvadex. We really only have those two drugs to help with proper PCT and you don’t want to make it where your body doesn’t respond to one or both of them.

Overall I think you need some more research time at the very least and that is said not knowing your age. If you are under 25 you really need to wait but chances are you won’t listen to all the vets saying that. If you are under 21 please please please do not use them yet. You are just too young and you will mess something up listening to your friends. Remember its your body and your genetics you are playing with and just because the next guy was fine that has ABSOLUTELY no bearing on what will happen if you use them.


Excellent post.

You can add more lean mass than that at your age without gear. Stay natural as long as possible. Besides, if you think you need gear to compete as an armature, you prolly don’t have the genetics for bodybuilding.

To echo what care said, successful bodybuilding at any level requires an insane amount of detail in your training, nutrition, and recovery. Rather than jump on a cycle now, I would agree with the others and say to start that process now as a natty - it’s going to take work, it won’t just magically fall into place because you started juicing. And again, 215 at 6’3” - you should have no real issue getting beyond that before you start gear. I was 205-210 at 6’ natty - it took me years, but I wasn’t trying to be a bodybuilder and I also had the limitation of having to stay in near-peak condition for military life.

I would look around online for bodybuilding coaches (assuming there are none in your area) and do some consultng with them. You might be able to get on stage in decent shape as an amateur by yourself, but I would bet you’ll have much better success with a coach.

This has been posted before but I think it applies here especially well.

Watch from 7:30 on…

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Thank you for the support, and everyone else in this thread. I definitely want to max out my potential naturally, this is some of the best advice ive gotten recently. I’d probably also seek out a coach as well to help me with anything. As for my age I’m 18. Once my cut has ended ill try what you have suggested for 6 months or so and see where I’m at.

Awesome video bro!

Thanks man. Gotta love Dave Tate!