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Given Some Animal M-Stak

I was given about 7 packets of this stuff for free from one of my cousins friends at the gym. He claims that the stuff works great and wanted me to give it a try. He works at vitamin shop that sells the stuff and can give it to me for huge discount if I like the stuff. Probably around 30 bucks instead of the 50…

My questio this stuff even worth it? Is it actually a good supplement(something that works meaning I’ll notice at lest some positive effects from taking it), or is it some overpriced ‘magic’ crap that’s going to make me vomit after I take it? If it is I’ll just give him back his packets and let him give them to someone else, instead of me wasting them.

I really don’t have much knowledge when it comes to supplements… so sorry if I come off as a moron.