Give Peace a Chance . . .

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Unbelievably, one of the pro-war demonstrators in Washington held a sign that read “Peace Sucks”!

The world has officialy gone mad?

Actually, since you weren’t there, the “Gathering of Eagles” was not pro-war. It was a rally of veterans to protect the Vietnam Veterans memorial.

During the last “Peace Rally” the other dickheads vandalized the capital, in the name of peace. This time they threatened to deface the Vietnam Veterams memorial, in the name of peace.

The veterans outnumbered them 3 to 1 so the didn’t have a chance. Their bravery disappeared when met with resistance instead of camera’s.

Peace comes with victory, not surrender.


Were you there? If you were, I would LOVE to hear some of the stories. It excites the imagination to see the peaceniks with their holier-than-thou attitude confronted with reality.

PLEASE send some personal anecdotes if you have them.



It would also excite the imagination to see the internet warmongers, with their “more patriotic than thou” attitude confronted with reality in Iraq.

Any chance of that happening?[/quote]

Veterans are hardly war mongers. You don’t have many in Belgium but it’s true.

Go have a donut.

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… And what does Leopold II’s Congo have to do with Belgium today? Is’t that like saying America is the “Great Satan” because of slavery 150 years ago?

Wreckless makes those stupid arguments all the time. He is just getting a taste of his medicine.[/quote]

No he get a taste of Chucky T`s standard medicine.

It is pretty much the same for every country except the US and it is never coherent or on topic.

Bla, bla, bla, HitlerNormandyAuschwitzKongosmall(as in hispenisisveryhencetheobsessionwithsize) countrybigcountrygooood godblesstheunitedstatesofamerica.