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Give my CNS a break

About 2 weeks ago i was on my twelfth straight week of westside. i was able to recognize that my CNS was now fucked up. i am deciding to play it smart, so i took a week completely off, but now i have a problem. while doing westide, i noticed my general fitness has dropped off while my linear strength and power has gone through the roof. my question is, with all the programs on t-mag, which one in your experiences has the best design for building GPP, while allowing the CNS to recover from higher intensities, as well as develops non linear strength as well as linear strength (what i mean by this is strength both in and outside the sagittal plane). if i get no responses i was going to use waterburys outlaw program, since it worked for me in the past.
mike cruickshank

I was going to reccomend Outlaw Conditioning. So go for it.


thank you

Use the basic 8 keys GPP warm up template to maintin conditioning. I like to start with 4 exercises and 2 sets of each. every week add 1 exercise (starting at 2 sets), and add 1 set to each of the other exercises. Perform in a circuit.

Also many WSBers use every fourth week to unload the CNS. Instead of doing a ME movement do some light high rep DB/Leg exercises (DB press).

Finally coach x said that the guys at wsb are elite lifters, you most likely are not, therefore use week 1 on ME exercise to work up to ~90% for a single. Week 2 work to a new pr. Maybe then week 3, based on feel, try another pr or do the high rep unloading thing i mentioned. Hope this helps

Cool recommondations squattin, thank you very much

You could do a hypertrophy week after every 3 week Westside cycle to unload the nervous system.