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Give Me Your Input Please

Alright, here is the deal. I am about ready to design my cycle and wanted just a little input on a couple of things. At my disposal currently:

20 cc’s of 250mg Test Cypionate
15 cc’s of 200mg Equipoise
50 cc’s of 75mg trenbolone acetate
155 tabs of 10mg Dianabol
110 tabs of 10mg Winstrol (leftovers)
30 tabs 20mg Nolvadex
60 tabs 50mg Clomid

What I intend to do is to start with a frontload of test at 1000mg on day 1 along with a frontload of 800mg Equipoise. I will continue to take weekly injections of 500 mg of cypionate for 7 more weeks and weekly injections of 400 mg EQ for 5 more weeks. I intend to use the D-bol at the start of my cycle as well probably around 30 mg/day. The tren will be introduced around day 24 and will be 75mg/day all the way until the end of the cycle which I plan to have end about 21 days after my last shot of cypionate. I have some leftover Winny tabs from a previous cycle and will just throw those in for the last 11 days with the tren at 100mg/day just cause I have them. I also have HCG to be taken on every weekend starting around day 21.

My questions are these:

I am using the d-bol to jumpstart my cycle and wanted to know if it made sense to anyone to use it for the first 3 and reintroduce it later for the last 3 to stack with the tren? I am not sure of the synergistic properties between these two compounds and also am not sure if it might interfere with PCT. I’m only thinking that I would like to come off on short-acting drugs to jumpstart PCT. Does this make sense to anyone or should I just blast through with about 5-6 weeks of d-bol? Also, if I was to just blast through would 40-50 mg be too high?

Next, I know I don’t have a lot of Nolvadex but how should I use it? At the end with the Clomid? I’ve never had any problem with gyno before so never really worry too much about anti-e’s during the cycle.

And I guess third would be just asking your opinions on how the cycle looks and if I’m dropping each steroid early enough to provide sufficient PCT.

Thanks for all the input, it is very appreciated!

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First off I am jealous that you can afford so much gear. For the most part it looks pretty sound except for the kick start part with the dbol, the 2 other drugs you will be starting off with will take a good week or 2, even with the front load, to kick. While the dbol will work right away it will probably not have any synergism with the other 2 drugs till after week 2. This would be a good time to start it up.
About the tren, it would probably be enough to run it only 1cc eod. This will save a little tren and save you a few pin holes.
If you like dbol a lot you could run that concurrently at the end of your cycle with the tren and winny for quite the nice little short acting trio to finish out hard and vascular. But, if you were to do this to your liver and kidneys I would say keep the dbol at 30mg ed and the winny at 50mg ed or below. But, everyone has different tollerances.
Also for the anti-e’s just keep the nolva handy incase the gyno fairy does pay you a visit and use them both at the end of the cycle to help speed recovery along.
200mg clomid and 60mg nolva for the first few days and then taper down so that you are only using one tablet of both until you feel fully recovered.
Hope this helps.

Thanks for the input DA. I guess I have stockpiled stuff for awhile and am ready to attack it. But trust me, the tren is cheap over the internet, the nolva and clomid and test I got while vacationing in Mexico. And the other stuff a good buddy got for me in Tijuanna for dirt cheap. I am very grateful to have all these weapons at my disposal! Anyway, I hear ya about the d-bol and the synergistic properties or lack thereof with the other compounds in the beginning of the cycle. But once again I must ask, do d-bol and tren have any synergy to them? I only have a little winstrol, just leftovers from a previous cycle, and just plan to throw it in at the end.

On what prock wrote:

Did you make the tren yourself and if so what would it cost someone?

I want to use tren sometime in the next couple of cycles but it’s the only thing I can’t get cheap in Tijuana.

Hey prock, nice amount of gear! As far as your question with the D-bol and Tren I’ve never heard of any synergistic effects with those two. I have heard it with Test and winny but not those two.

As far as reintroducing D-bol at a later date, what I’ve seen done is using D-bol to kickstart a cycle for 4 weeks and then not use it for 4 weeks, then reintroduce it the last 4 weeks of a cycle. Oops, I forgot to add this protocol would be for a 12 week cycle Good luck to you Bro!

I know man; it runs for something like $150 for 10cc’s! Trust me dude, when I explored the self-made route it ran me only about $120 for 50cc’s and the conversion kit. Very cost-efficient. The ordering is easy, with a little research you’ll figure it out.

Anyway, Sancho, that sounds similar to what I want to do anyway which would be instead using it for 3 weeks and then off for 3, and then back on at the end to come off on.
It makes sense to me to use it to jumpstart and then finish with. I know test and D-bol are very synergistic and although I may not get such synergy at the beginning since test levels haven’t built up yet, toward the end I’ll have slowly reducing amounts of t as I come off my cycle with the tren so will have some effect there. I just like starting with a bang and I think having it there at the beginning may have an effect until I get to around week 3 when everything is “kicking”. I don’t know man, figuring it all out is so fun yet confusing!

Any more input from anybody else?

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Thanks bushidobadboy. That definitly makes sense adding the propionate in at the beginning and using d-bol for the duration of the cycle. Only problem is I have what I have and don’t want to go looking or spending anymore, ya know? But again, I have to ask about the synergy of d-bol and tren. Anyone out there think I should use these together? I’ve heard good reviews of a test/tren/d-bol combo on the boards and I guess thats essentially what this is once the eq falters off but there will be a timeframe when it is mostly d-bol and tren when I’m coming off and thats what I’m wondering about.

I’ll throw one more option out there: How bout taking the leftover winny tabs I have which is like 11 days worth of 100mg/day and starting the cycle off with the d-bol 30mg/day along with the frontload of test and eq and then coming off the d-bol around day 14 and bringing it back for a second 3 week go around toward the end? Any ideas? Guru’s, where are ya?

Or I could spend more money, buy another cartridge of fina and do my whole cycle with it daily at 75mg/day. The possiblities are endless!