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Give Me Some Bulking Food

So after an eternity of completely ignoring everyone who has told me that eating and making a food log is the key to growth, I finally realise that I am a complete moron for not listening to them. I have basically wasted a year of training (figured out I was only eating 1800 calories a day…/cry)

I’ve decided to finally effectively bulk. I weigh 170 pounds and plan on consuming around 3 to 3.5k calories a day for starters to see how that works out. For some reason though I can’t come up with enough ideas for food intake. This past few weeks my main intake has been hamburger (not fast food). And I found a good calorie shake that tastes fantastic

1/2 cup cottage cheese
2 tbs natural peanut butter
1 cup Chocolate milk
1.5 cups ice.
small amount of sugar for taste

500ish calories, 25-30 grams P. This will make up 1k of my calories.

Went shopping today and picked up Deli meats (not the best source but it is easy) Bananas, sausage links, oatmeal and peanutbutta jelly.

What would you suggest for good bulking food?

ps. Please don’t flame, I realize I should shoot myself in the face for wasting so much time and ignoring the info right in front of my eyes.

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Shakes are a good way to add in calories. PB & Jelly sandwiches rock also. I up my calorie and protein intake by drinking at least half a gallon of milk a day.

With your Surge post workout, and half a gallon of whole milk, that is about 1500 calories a day right there.

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For some unknown reason the “search” button puts up an error every time I click it. That is one of the reasons for this thread :)[/quote]

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eggs and sausages
PB&J sammiches
pop tarts

i posted this on another forum.

you can add alot of calories to any meal really easilly. if i need mroe protein in a meal ill add a coupel scoops of protein. if i just dont have enough cals in a protein+carb meal ill drink like 4 extra glasses of milk. not enough cals in a protein+fat meal is the easyest. add 5Tbs of olive oil, thats like 600 extra calories in 10 seconds

simple meals

  1. CAL P C F
    protein bar 250 20 20 10
    potato 200 1 42 0
    2 bananas 200 44
    4 glasses milk 400 32 52 (depends on kind)

1050 53 150 10

salad greens 100 23
3/4 pound 450 100 5
5 Tb olive oil 600 60

1150 100 23 65

those are 2 of my fav meals that hit alot of calories pretty easy and stay pretty healthy

hope thta helps some

ok im doing this as fast as possible

nuts-walnuts, almonds, peanuts, whatever
beef-speaks for itself
oatmeal, pastas, breads
Olive oil on ALL veggies
WHOLE milk, cheese
Eggs-omelets are tons of calories and delicious
peanut butter-think you already know this
salmon-good source of calories and omega-3 get wild if you can

other sources of animal protein are pretty much a no brainer…beef jerky is a good portable snack

veggies and (most) fruits aren’t that highly caloric but they keep you healthy so don’t leave them out

this list is by no means exhaustive

Since I’m at a similar weight and caloric goal right now, I’ll share an example of what I’ll eat on a moderate carb day (I’m carb cycling).

1 orange
1 cup of grapes
1 cup of skim chocolate milk
and an omelet w/
4 egg whites
2 slices canadian bacon
1 red pepper

Chicken Caesar Salad w/
1/2 lb. chicken
2 servings of dressing (I make my own with olive oil and the usual ingredients, but it amounts to about 40g of fat)
spinach and romaine lettuce

1/2 lb. of lean beef with oyster sauce
2 oz. cheddar
2 stalks of broccoli

2 scoops of Surge
2 cups of skim chocolate milk

half a whole grain boboli pizza w/
1/2 lb. extra lean (95%) beef
6 oz. tomato paste (with seasoning)
1 green pepper and 1 jalapeno
1/4 cup skim mozzarella

Before Bed:
1 scoop Low-Carb MD w/
2 tbsp ground flax
2 oz. walnuts
1 oz. peanuts

On other days I like to use some of Berardi’s recipes, like Tuna Burgers or Sesame Salmon. You might consider getting his Gourmet Nutrition e-book.

Ice cream is the king of bulk foods (better even than McD’s). Add flax seed oil to your shakes for an extra 500 calories too (or if you can’t afford it/don’t care about health problems, heavy cream works).

Hmm never thought of ice cream.

just pack some money go to your nearest supermarket buy some non diet stuff (none of that soy and full grain bs for bulking) and buy like 7 boxes of cereal one per day and tons of chockolate milk I find it never makes me full and gt shitloads fo carbs some little vitamins and a little protein can easyly jack in 1kk cal per meal

I honestly don’t understand how someone can’t get 3500 calories a day. We live in a society of fatasses and we have posts about not being able to get enough calories.

6oz chicken breast and a loaded baked potato according to my fitday has

775 calories
38g of fat
40g of carbs
67g of protein
drink it with a cup of chocolate milk or some chocolate metabolic drive complete with a little heavy whipping cream and there ya go

eat more peanuts

1 cup olive oil
1 lbs scrapple

blend. enjoy.

ok i just threw up a little.

I’ve just started bulking and whole milk is my new best friend. 1200 calories a day from milk alone. Can’t beat that.