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Give Me Some Biceps Tips Please


Give me some biceps tips
Hi people
I’ve still been trying to get some meat on my biceps (and triceps). Some unease about my thin arms has haunted me for all my life
Will you answer please what approach is better for gaining mass.Taking standing barbell curl for instance. I can work with 32 kg (70 lbs) but it is almost the limit. I can hardly do it more than 3 reps at one set. Or should I take less iron and do 20-25 reps with 16 kg (35lbs) for example?
Sorry for my poor terminology. Anyway my problem is understandable. Thanks, guys


Your height and weight?

Might just need overall mass…


Use the heaviest weight which you can control effectively with your biceps. That should determine how what rep range you do.


Height - 185 - 6 ft1"; Weight - 80 kg (176lb); arm around the biceps area 31 cm - 12". Thanks I never expected that my figures would be interesting to anybody:grinning:


Alternate one month at a time between arms specialisation templates and a general one like texas method…



If arms have been your weak point in training, having more info on the subject of training is going to serve you well as your going to have to become a specialist in the subject. RampantBadger gave you great info. But check out my friend’s book, canuk Charles Poliquin, “Winning the Arms Race”.

Unfortunately, I don’t think its in print anymore, but you can buy it on Amazon for $179.77! http://www.amazon.com/Winning-Arms-Race-Ultimate-Training/dp/097019790X

However, here is some great information on T-Nation by Bryan Krahn.


This is just on a limb because I’ve never set out to get anything bigger - just stronger - but why not train your biceps every time you train? You’d obviously have a dedicated part of your training for your arms, right? In addition to that do something like three sets of AMRAP curls of some kind at the end of every session that you don’t train your arms. You’d keep the weight light enough to hit 20+ reps but I figure doing that on top of your regular arm work would give you decent growth relatively soon.


OP should start watching some CT Fletcher videos



You suffer from being tall and, well, “small”. CT wrote about that very aspect where taller people need to add way more weight to make an impact.

Get on a smart program that incorporates arms (lots to choose from) and add weight everywhere.

You want bigger arms? Get big. Do not become one of those “every day is upper body day”.


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EDIT: And on topic, nobody over 6 feet weighing under 180 has big arms. Focus on gaining muscular bodyweight and building total body strength in the 6-12 rep range. That means squats, deads, rows, presses, curls, and extentions, among other things.

What does your current weekly training look like? And how much bodyweight have you gained in the last three months?


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I have tiny arms so I don’t know if I should be responding to this but whatever
I think that getting really strong at curls would be your best bet.Just pick some curl variations and do a different one each time for 3 sets or so to failure trying to break rep prs.Please no cheating-dancing curls