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Give me back the game or i'll kill you all

the defendant was under [quote]"…a large amount of stress after being homebound for a year due to a snowboarding accident with nothing to do but watch television and play video games." [/quote]

awww, poor guy. not only does he only get to go snowboarding, no doubt on his partens money, but he got injured and was forced to take it easy at his parents expence.

wanting to controle their sons gaming they took sertian safty measures like [quote] "…The game was locked up in Mark’s lockbox, along with a 9mm handgun[/quote]

but daniel had a plan, a cunning plan that was sure to work, no longer would his parent stop him from playing his game, i mean, how dare they, who are they to say what he can and can’t spend their money on, who are they to say what he can and can’t do in their house [quote] …his son entered the family room with a request.

“Would you guys close your eyes,” Daniel Petric asked. “I have a surprise for you.”

It was then that Daniel Petric allegedly shot both of his parents in the head, killing his mother instantly.[/quote]

i wonder if he then left them bleeding on the floor and whip his pad out, playing the game literally over their dead bodies.