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Ok, i had my first meet on monday. We found our max on the bench, arm curl, and leg press. On the bench i got 105lbs., 80lbs. on the arm curl and 220 lbs. on the leg press. So how did i do for a 5' 9" 256lb. 13 year old. And any tips on how i can improve. I kno i can do more than that but i havent lifted for like 2 years


It's a starting point. Look out, because you are probably about to be "flamed" by a number of T-Forumers. Go here:


If I did that right, it's Vroom's Are You a Beginner II thread. It's also accessible from the "Beginners" forum. He's posted lots of good articles for beginners to read. Try to lift and move around some 3 times a week until you start making some headway into those articles he's posted links to. Best of luck to you, my friend.


A 256 pound 13 year old? Read all the nutrition articles you can find on this site. Get your nutrition right, otherwise the future you will resemble the avatar you see dancing to your left.

Good luck.


Get some serious, professional advice. I am not an advocate of telling a 13 yr. old to read vroom's thread and go forward.

Your weight is most definately an issue and should be your first concern.

And how in the world does a 13 yr old come back from a 2 yr lay off?


What kind of meet was this? Is that correct, 5'9" 256lb 13 year old?

You haven't lifted since you were 11? You lifted weights when you were 11? When I was 11 I liked to read books with kids who solved mysteries and inhabited dilapidated railroad cars.


I rate you Troll-tastic!


What kind of meet tests bench, curl and legpress?


wow, i cant even believe anyone took this seriously. come on people. this is text book. he said the meet had bench and curls because thats all that posers do in the gym, and leg press because that is the posers' squat. gimme a friggin break. usually when i see these BS posts i hit the back button and move on to something worthwhile, but i had to stop on this one because i cant believe that the first reply wasnt someone calling bullshit on this


Come on now guys, obviously the 13 year old might not know what a "meet" as we term it is, im sure it was some middle school event thing. Yea, dude, those lifts are fine for a 13 year old. I am kinda confused how you were lifting at 11. And i am worried about your weight, but you probably know that, thats why you are here. What i would do is not even look at that beginners thread and weightlifting (you dont want to hear that), i would just get involved in some local sports, and if you dont really want to play the typical "sports" at school or something, just find an outdoor activity you love doing. I wouldnt worry about what you lift or how strong you are until at least 15. I started lifting pretty hardcore around 15 and i think i stunted my growth a tiny bit, some people say thats a myth, but i swear i'd be taller. (parents and grandparents are 5'11"-6' foot-ish, im 5'8") And also, your body isnt ready to get really strong yet anyway, i would work really hard back at 15, not make any progress, then come 17+ i exploded. Play some sports, get your body in shape, then come 15+ start lifting and stuff, anyway, thats just my opinion.


A real manly kind of meat?

Maybe he's one of lil' Herculeses' former training partners??


Since you asked for a rating- Piss Poor. You can't even leg press your own weight? How do you stand up?
I also find it very interesting that you can't type or form sentences properly, but you know the correct abreviation for pound, and didn't screw up the foot and inch apostrophe and quotation. I still screw those up, but then again, I can squat a couple times my body weight, so maybee we are just focused on different things.

Allthough I do believe that this is a troll, a picture of a fat kid holding todays paper would do a good bit toward credability.


I'll bet anything you want that this ain't bs.
You have a young kid-who to be honest,shouldn't be on this site-who wants advice. He used the term meet, but I'm sure it was an organized, or not, "see how strong you are" type thing.
Listen little man, I am concerned with your weight as I previously stated. Make this your first concern. Don't go all starvation on me now, but seriously take a look at what you can begin to do to take off a few pounds.
In my opinion, you're too young to get into weights, other than to do some very light sets and learn about your muscles and how to lift properly. But really, go play ball somewhere. Take your dog for a walk. Stay outside and stay as active as you can.
Eliminate the garbage snacks and replace them with fruit.
In a couple of years, come on back.


Are your parents overweight? If they are, and you're 13 y/o, you may have a very difficult time getting down to a healthy weight. I was 5'8" and 185 and my heaviest, and just plain disgusting (41" waist). I can't even imagine how much excess weight you're carrying around.

Being 13, I'm not sure if you have the discipline to persue any serious eating or training strategy. Here are some very basic recommendations that your parents may be able to accomodate you with.

  1. No candy, sodas, or fruit juices. This may be tough since it's the "cool" thing to drink pop. It was the "cool" thing even up through high school to cut class and go get a coke and talk on your cell phone. It took me six months before I fully stopped drinking soda. Fruit juices took about a year. It's tough being a kid in the US when all of your friends are eating 3 Big Macs, 2 large fries, and a shake at McDonalds and sporting ripped abdomens, and you're fat and eat way less than them. Trust me, I was there.

  2. Try to get some physical activity for 30 minutes a day. Whether this is taking a walk with your parents, playing catch, soccer, whatever, try to do it. I'm sure you've been teased and insulted because of your weight, and hence shied away from sports (I know I did). I would seriously recommend martial arts training. The discipline it will help instill in you will benefit enormously in your life and in your future weightlifting pursuits.


Your rating: fatty-boomsticks.

Dude, you're 13. Play sports. Lose some weight. Get athletic. You can do some weight training but that should be secondary to sports and general activity. Now would be a good time to start educating yourself on training and nutrition, though. Start with this site.


In Austria there is a saying which goes along the lines of "If you don't have it in your head, you have it in your legs". I can leg press my own bodyweight. What does that mean for me? I just can't seem to figure it out...

Michael "Duh... what was I going to say? Oh, well, off to the leg press" 2507


I can't tell a troll at all, so you fellas might be right...its my good nature to trust that people are being truthful. But at 13 yrs. old, no one should way 250 lbs. You are probably in the running for the youngest man to have a stroke...and yea, how did you find this site? It isn't quite meant for guys your age.


Then you need to learn to be more critical of bullshit. A 13 year old weighing over 250lbs at 5'9"...and his concern is whether his strength matches up so we can rate him...when he benches 105lbs yet somehow curls over 200lbs? The kid has three posts total on this forum. Even if he was telling the truth, why wouldn't the very first post in response be a few questions like how big his waist is?

It is like some of you are just dying to give any advice at all that you overlook HUGE discrepancies just so you can hit the post button. Let's all wait and see if he comes back and tells how he is now going to lose weight.


Hilariously funny AND thought-provoking. I'm going to remember this whenever I see a woman in the gym with a 10-pound plate on each side of the Leg Press.


Prof. X
he said he coul "arm curl 80lbs"
it was the leg press that was over 200.
Still it will be interesting to see if he's real or just the figment of his own imagination.


According to his 3 posts, he was 245lbs in the first, 250lbs a few weeks later and now more than a month after the second post is 256lbs. Looks like he's trying to bulk.

I'm not sure but I think there's a chance this kid might actually be for real. Genuine trolls normally don't just post once, then come back a few weeks later to have another dig. They stick around, stir things up and get their jollies.

Then again, there's a lot of stuff that doesn't add up.

Anyway, kid, if you're real, you need to lose weight. Follow some of the other advice in this thread. Find a sport or something. Get active. Forget bench curl & leg press "meets"