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Give It To Me....


...but I am trying very hard, so that should matter. I will post more pics this week. I can post my diet too. If you look at my Indigo log from way back when, you will see a difference.


Indigo log pics:


do you want to be rated on your progress? do you want to be rated on how hard you're trying? or do you want to be rated on what you look like today? serious question.

I looked at your before pics, you've definitely improved from a year ago. I would essentially say that you look like you probably go to the gym, but don't take it particularly seriously. Your before pics looked like you'd never even seen a gym (before pics deserve a 1 rating). Current pic puts you at about a 3.

What are your goals? What's an ideal body to you? A lot of people in the real world would be happy where you are, but the majority of T Nation wouldn't be.

Those are just some thoughts. Also, good job on not making excuses about being diabetic. I know that can make training tough (my dad's had diabetes for 20ish years).


Thank you fore being honest, it's hard to take, but it's good to hear.

I guess I would like to be rated on my current pic. I guess I hadn't thought about that, but let's just go with that.

I try not to let my diabetes affect my life, but it does...can't get around it. I do try to use the insulin around my workout to help my body out.

I do have excuses but I try to keep those in the past.


Great work. I'm looking forward to seeing your future progress.


Thanks....so do I.


We've all got excuses. I was a 135lb drug addict in 2006. I'm bench pressing over 300 at a 175-180 bodyweight today, same body fat % as I was at 135.

I'm not referring to your diabetes with that, just about excuses in general. They don't have to hold you back.

Beyond that, attaining the physique you want just takes time and dedication, year in and year out. If you keep showing up in the gym, and keep eating right and managing your diabetes well, you'll keep improving. Success builds on success, and you've already had some. You moved up 2 points on the physique scale in 1 year. If you move up 2 more by next year, and 2 more after that, you'll be a 7, which is significantly better than what most people ever dream of reaching. Soooo..... keep up the good work! can't wait to see progress in a year.


And I must add that it didn't take a year to get to this point, it only took 3 months. I have been lifting for a long time, but with set backs have had to stop for various lengths of time.


Iā€™m very proud of my results for being a ffb.