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OK bros here it goes. Bee a long time t-mag reader/post on other catagories/ lurk on this one. I’ve been training since 18 and 28 now. I’ve got nutrition way dialed in(do it for a living) been training like a t-man for several years. I do martial arts and other stuff that keep me from wanting to be “swole” per se but am finally going to do a cycle now that I know someone here to get em as I refuse to get burned via mail. I’ve read all the old articles from Cy, and lurked on here and meso forums for two years to try and hear all the debates on whats best. I’m 180, 5’9" approx 10% BF and looking to gain 10-15 lbs LBM and shed some BF would be nice but if not I can do it post cycle. Here’s what I’ve figured with what I can get. Any help from you guys would be much appreciated and definitely noted. Here goes:

Week 1-8:
500mg Sust 250/wk
400mg EQ/wk
frontload the Sust 750/mg on week 1

Week 1-4
D-Bol 30mg ED

Week 4-8
Winny Tabs 75 mg ED

If I can get arimidex .25 EOD Weeks 1-8
If not Nolvadex 20mg ED Weeks 1-8 and 4 weeks post cycle

What do you think? Any thoughts on actual days to inject on?
Thanks bros
Week 1-

Looks like you put time and thought into this cycle, good job. A couple of the other guys on this forum could learn something…

A couple thoughts: first, the sustenon will take 2-3 weeks to clear your system post cycle. Until then, the levels of suppressive androgens will prevent recovery. Wait until they have run out before doing your last 3 weeks of nolvadex (ie./ PCT starts 3 weeks after your last injection). So run your nolvadex ED for 6-8 weeks after your last injection.

My next recommendation is drop the EQ on the 6th week, it’s ester lasts even longer than the sustenon will and it will suppress you for a long time after your last injection. It’s halflife is 14 days, ie./ VERY LONG… So dropping it after the 6th week will let you recovery that much more quickly…

I like the switch from dbol to winny in the 4th week…

bro, i think you hit a home run. that cycle should get you exactly what you want, plus some. nice to see some guys doing the work first. if i wanted to be critical i would say the following. up your sust front to 1g and front the eq at 800mgs. both week 1 only. some will tell you not to run 17-aa’s(i.e. dbol and winny) more than a total of 6 weeks. personally i dont see any harm in running them a full 8. i have, and my liver values always checked out fine. the problem with 17-aa’s come from long term abuse IMO. for example running cycle after cycle for 12 and 16 weeks with 17-aa’s is going to hurt you in the long run. isolating them to 8 weeks every now and then will not per say. besides that, maybe add 250i.u’s of hcg E3D throughout and thats about it for my advice. again, nice job, and good luck. be sure to report your progress. oh and for injection days i would just do a monday/thursday split. your eq should be in the 200mgs/ml range so 1cc of sust and 1cc of eq on those days is all you need. to frontload just do 1cc of each EOD your first week. have fun, next time sprinkle in a little tren for a real kick in the ass : )

Thanks for the notes guys. I’ll definitely post before and after pics when I 'm done. Should start in a week and half, I’m pumped.

Archaic–Ok so I’ll drop the EQ at 6wk on the nolva I’ll run it longer PC but do I still do it ED during or just keep it on hand till I feel any signs(nipples itching etc.) thanks again for the advice

Drago-- I’m working on HCG with the arimidex but those two are not definitely available like the other stuff. I wanted tren but that wasn’t in stock either;] Not too worried about the 17aa thing cause I take herbs and flush my liver but its good to hear your take on that. Again thanks for tha advice.

Here’s one other side question for those more experienced bros. Hypothetically speaking, of course, how much of each item would you need to last the cycle and how much should these things cost. I have my own estimates but I would like to see what the wiser ones have to say

Just bumping this one to see if anyone has any thoughts on reasonable price range for this type of cycle to help avoid getting ripped off. any thoughts would be mucho appreciated

Not really sure if i’m allowed to reply with prices but you should pay no more than six bills.

i would say $550-$650 would be acceptable. this is including all ancillaries and hardware. personally i could run it for about $450

Cool sorry if asking prices was shady but as a newbie I just kinda wanted to know I wasn’t being ripped off. Thanks again bros and I’ll be sure to update!

I really like sust but as the others have said it does take awhile longer to clear the system. Here is food for thought. Instead of running the sust for the full cycle run it for only half of it. Try something like this. Run four weeks of sust then switch to Test enanthate. First it will save your pocket book, second you are dropping the long acting ester, which will still be in your system and adding in a shorting acting ester. Run the Test enanthate until the sixth week and then switch to Test propianate. Then you are ready to start your recovery immediately after your cycle if you follow the advice on the EQ that the others gave you. I would give yourself a bigger frontload. If you did it the way I suggested you could run the whole cycle for about 300.00 or less if you are well connected.

Hmm interesting idea on switching the test. I’ll check and see if both kinds are available. I just now met one person to get hooked from so no I’m not well connected but thanks to you guys I should be able to avoid paying too much!If I can get both those tests would the mg dose be the same, ie. 500mg? When you say bigger frontload do you mean front the EQ too or just bump the Sust to a full gram? Thanks again

1000 mg front load of sust or test ent
800 mg front load of EQ
(Per Week)

After first week

500 mg sust or test enat
400 mg EQ

Those dosages should do you

what I meant by being well connected is with someone that has decent pricing. You could run enanthate all the way through and then switch to the prop towards the end. If you decided to do the sust, enanthate, prop. then all you would require is a frontload of 1gram on the sust and that is all because your test levels are already up when you start the enanthate after four weeks of the sust. Keep in mind you will be shooting an initial 1500mg the first week. Your 1gram frontload and your 500mg normal protocol. I would frontload the EQ as well. Usually you frontload at twice the amount your scheduled dosage. So 400mg of EQ you would shoot 1200mg the first week. Getting the picture?

Ahhh I am seeing the light. Thanks to you bros for your much needed input. I have much better estimates for what I need and how much it should run for now. Thanks for the pm’s as well. I can’t wait to get started!!

good to see you around ru. havent seen you for a couple weeks.

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Actually some dig out the fucking hole in the ground time.

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