Give Diet Tip, Get Free Supps!

When dieting, if you go with a low carb diet, make sure to find an adeaquate fiber supplement for regularity. If I win, please send me Mag10

When bulking, take full advantage of the post-workout nutrition window. 1/2 to 1 hr After your PWO drink, continue the carbs and protein - you can’t get enough!!!

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Throw out the processed crap and eat whole foods will make you look good naked.

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Heed the advice of the enlightened one who told us to eat a “Testerone mess o’ greens” for dinner. When cutting, this is one of the most satisfying meals one can consume. That crunchy and leafy salad, mixed in with an olive oil/vinegar combo, and some chicken…an awesome way to close out the night…or at least the second to the last meal of the night. The little bit of fiber in the salad also helps out when your all “blocked up.”

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Cut out breads, pastas, processed foods, and check you ego, because no matter how much you know about dieting someone on this site knows more.

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low fat/fat free foods are usually filled with carbs (the bad kind) so stay away.

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Dont give up if you do cheat and eat a cheesecake or something. And especially if you are in a tight spot where this porn starish blonde wants you to share her ice cream or something. Just work harder in the gym, feilds, trails, hills or whatever your weapon of choice to burn them calories off.

Its simply all about burning more calories than you consume.

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When trying to cut up or lean out(which ever you prefer) I have found that if I eat a meal with a lot of carbs ie. cereal, it helps to curb my craving for the rest of the day as far as carbs go. If I win please send me a bottle of Mag10.

Do not neglect vegatables on a low carb diet. Way too much fiber, vitamins, phytochems., and bioflavonoids will be lost if you do. Dont fret if you have some spinach and it has 2 carbs, you’ll be fine.

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Make sure to take your fish oils and multivitamins every day. And eat your fruits and veggies.
Mag-10 por favor

My tip would be to vary ur sources of protein and clean carbs, because in my case variety keeps me away from cheating cause i do still feel like im eating and not just dieting.

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the second you cut out processed foods, the lbs. start to drop. furthermore anything w/ high fructose corn syrup should be banned.
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When doing a low card diet remember that veggies (especially brocoli, broc labre, and other green veggies) and fruits are your friends. Another thing to add a little life to your veggies is add a tea spoon of oil and add garlic to your veggies. One more is to “cheat” every so often, becasue it helps jump start you metoblaism.

make sure that you have eaten before you go to the grocery store. This radically affects my thinking. If I am starving when I go food shopping, I turn into a festering idiot and grab whatever I can shove down my throat the fastest, regardless of nutritional content.

I would like to try some Mag 10 if I win please.


When dieting to cut up split your meals into as many as 8-9 a day. Just keep some rubbermaid container with veggies and chicken in the fridge and pass by ever hour or so to stay hungry (obviously if schedule allows). And Mag-10 capsules would be great, thanks.

I find when low carbing t-dawg 2.0 the lower my
bodyfat get I need to carb refeed 2 time a week to
make progress.

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When leaning out I find carbs to be essential immediately following working out, but at all other times of day, I try to eliminate them.

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Employ lots of sugar free jello, and other guilt-free snacks to take the edge off. I’d like RedKat.

Have patience…

…while waiting for results
…with those who shake their heads and call you crazy when you whip out a little tupperware container of chicken breast in the middle of a movie (at the theater, of course)
…with all of the cooking/planning/prepping/eating/cleaning

Remember why you’re doing this.

Hot Rox, s’il vous plait.