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Checkout the <a href=“Strength Training, Bodybuilding & Online Supplement Store - T NATION”>SuperStore, pick your supplement, and drop those diet/nutrition tips!

I find that eating a clean diet in order to cut up you have to drop all bread products and milk. I need some mag 10 if I win. Thanks

If you choose a low carb diet, don’t go so extreme that you cut out veggies. Don’t worry about these types of carbs, instead worry about sugars, breads, pastas, etc…

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Keep a food log while making sure you are eating the correct portion sizes to get an accurate amount of macronutrients and total calories per day.

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While on a low Carb diet make sure to keep your protein up but not with to many protein shakes but solid protein sources, only fill the gaps with the shakes. Also make sure to consume 80% of your carbs post workout or before noon which ever somes first.

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Diet Tip: Plan all your meals ahead of time, prepare as many meals in one session as possible so as not to waste all you time cooking, carry your food around in plastic containers so you never miss a feeding.

If I win please send me Hot-Rox

p.s. I love these Give a Tip threads!

i find when on ANY diet…

if you FAIL to plan, you plan to FAIL.

-set your goals/plan on paper so you can monitor your progress.


pass the hot-rox

Pre-preparing food every week is a solid way to make sure you eat what your need every day.
I would love some Hot-Rox for my pre-summer prep.

When Dieting don’t cut out all fruits. They are good for you and not as evil as some people would like to make you think.

I would like a bottle of Mag-10.

Make sure to keep a food log when trying to cut or gain. Mag 10 is my supplement of choice.

Surround yourself with people that have the same eating habits or the same goals. Kinda like a lifting partner, they will keep you honest when the going gets tough. Of course, you’ll learn to hate them because they keep that delicious sugar glazed Krispy Kreme doughnut from your stomach even though you certainly deserve it after that last intense squat day…o, and HOT ROX help too!

When you are doing the t-dawg 2.0 diet. If you do get hungry in between meals, eat a little beef jerky, salmon or tuna in those to-go pouches and add a small amount of nuts. An excellent P+F snack to tide you over till your next meal. I’d like some Mag10 baby!

When dieting I find it easy to eat the same thing everyday for 6 days, and then use the 7th day to kill all cravings. Please send me a bottle of HOT-ROX if I win.

always split your meals up into P+C AND P+F. I’d like to try mag 10 if i win.

If I am so lucky Mag 10 please.

As for my tip. I find that when bulking or dieting it is best to start the day with the largest meals and tapper down as the day goes. With the exception of PWO. I find I either lose the most BF with minimal LBM loss, or make the leanest gains by taking in 1/3 or so of my total k/cals in my shake and first meal following my workout. The rest is spread throughout the day in small meals and tappered as I stated befor.


1)EAt PC and PF meals- but eat PC post workout (shake and then 1 meal 1-1.5 hrs later)

2)Perform cardio on empty (morning)

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When trying to put on weight, adding enzymes can help you digest protein. Pineapple and papaya fruit added to meals can help with this. I would love to try your Tribex-500.

Have a glass of high quality h2o before each meal. It helps to feel sated when you are cutting down on portion size.

A bottle of Red Kat, please.

make sure you get your fiber!!

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Breakfast should be similar to a post workout meal, your body has been without any nutrient intake for 8 hours in most cases and the faster you flood it with nutrients the better.

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