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Give Blood, You Sissies!

I hope everyone got a chance to read Dr. Lonnie Lowery’s article about iron in this week’s issue of T-mag. If not, check it out HERE.

I’ve seen quite a few posts about this article and everyone seems to be changing their vitamins to get rid of the excess iron, but no one is mentioning donating blood, which, as it turns out, is a very healthy thing for a meat eatin’ male to do.

Are you a little chicken? Too lazy? Too busy? Faint at the sight of your blood running into a baggie? Are you folks a little needle phobic? (Well, some of you on that one area of the forum, which shall remain nameless, certainly aren’t!)

Let me help you cowboy up and do the right thing. The next five people that post a new picture of themselves giving blood get to grab a prize out of the T-mag prize vault.

I’ll offer up either a bottle of RED-KAT or a bottle of MAG-10 in capsules to the first five brave souls who do this. Heck, T-mag will throw in a free T-shirt too, why not?

The pic needs to clearly show you getting your blood sucked out by a medical professional. Post it on the Off Topic forum.

The contest starts… NOW!!

From my post in another thread:

For those worried about how giving blood will affect training, you’re told not to do any heavy exercise for 24 hours. So what I did was train Saturday morning, get drained Saturday afternoon, then I trained again (GPP only) on Sunday evening. No problems at all.

More info:


One of these sites lets you make an online appointment.

hot rox or tribex for the vixens?

Now are you also considering a plasma donation to be eligible or only the full blood deal?

Just wondering cause plasma donation centers are everywhere, just wander on in, but blood drives (red cross) tend to be more scheduled it seems and I cant find a time till next week…

Iron Maiden - I may be wrong, but I don’t think the iron thing is much of a worry for females, so I assume this contest is for men.

Sucks, the next blood drive in Portland is on the 22nd. Though I try to give every month or two, since I have a rare blood type that is “in demand”

I bleed very, very slowly. I tried a couple of times until they finally told me to pretty much skip it.

The iron issue is the opposite for women. That’s why it’s in their vitamins.

Keep in mind that that you can’t donate for a year after getting a tattoo.

What do I get if I post a picture of myself donating sperm? Not only is it doing a good service, but it’s also protecting me from prostate cancer!

Mr. Reality,

You are such a spoil sport.

I guess Women are lucky that they don’t have this little problem. I have to load up on spinach the night before I donate to ensure adequate iron levels.

Also lucky to live in Pittsburgh…we have a Central Blood Bank with donor centers located all over the city. No waiting for a blood drive here.

Should make it easy for the boys from the Burgh to score some supplements.

Good Luck Guys

Mr. Shugart,

I have to give blood for my hockey team. I’ll be posting pics in the next 2 weeks i hope no one beats me to it!

Bald scholar: Um, no. However, TC and I offer breast exams for free as part of our ongoing support of women’s health. TC also claims he can read fortunes in this manner.

Looks like we have one guy already claiming his bottle of MAG-10. See Off Topic. Four more to go…

does blood doping count???

Because I lived and ate meat in Britain during the Mad Cow scare, I’m not allowed to give blood. But I would if I could. Can I get a consolation prize?

Sweet! At the gym I work at, we’re having a blood drive this Monday. I signed up today and when I got home I read this! Even more motivation to give blood. Now I just have to find a way to post my pic since my PC is old and my scanner is broke.

RS does the deed!

Three more to go…

A word of advice from a certified phlebotomist who just happens to be me.

We are not pyschic! If you have an arm preference and have had better experiences with one arm versus the other, TELL US! It makes our jobs much easier.

Also, you guys should pay attention to which vein works the best for you and just point the phlebotomist towards it. I’m always willing to listen to my patients if they have preferences.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that you can be specific with phlebotomists and it usually helps.

Usually if you feel like you have some control and say in the process, you’re more likely to be comfortable.

Bullshit Crossbow, you just wanted to see how many times you could put phlebotomist in the 1 post :slight_smile:

hope this isnt a double post. i will be gettin drained soon as. i usually donate every 12 weeks. now to find a camera. will mobile phone cameras work??


I’m giving blood on the 26th. Been meaning to do it for a while, but that article just gave me another reason to!

I give blood several times during the year, in fact, my workplace has a blood bank location on site. I usually hit it as often as I can, because, like Chris said above, it’s good for your health to give blood, plus you are helping the community. I’ve given blood three times this year, and will be giving blood again next week after my company physical.