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Give a Girl a Boost?


Would you all be so kind as to follow this link and click the VOTE button? She's a co-worker, and quite in need of this gig.


So as to not disappoint ye testosterone-filled gents, and to encourage repeat visitors to this thread, I have also included a picture I feel you may find stimulating.



Why should I vote for her? What sort of insurance can you offer me that I won't be voting for an inferior candidate? Furthermore, what's in it for me? Does she give me money? Sex? A shoulder to cry on? Financial advice? What's the incentive?


I love these threads.

Pimp this shit on like 9000 boards...

She only has like 2 otehr chicks that offer any sort of competition.


shes cute.




Hey I go to Overland Park about once a year. :smiley:


More pics..


If you vote, I'll post more of these pictures.



Now....Tits or GTFO~


She's pretty hot, voted with pleasure


Tell your coworker we expect full frontal nudity when she wins.


I voted with the expectation that you will post nekkid picts of her.


Voted. She has like 110 votes and the closest follower has like 45. Solid lead so far.


If you PM me video of the woman I'm supposed to vote for taking on a fucking labrador, then I'll vote for her all day.


lol she has 146 now compared to the nearest 61, go T-Nation. Looks like a very simple site, someone with a good proxy changer program should just go to town.


Twice now. The nation expects tits.


i will vote as often as possible if Squiggles posts an MMA video of hers.


Done, she is up 206 to 90 right now. Crushing the Competition.




EDIT: Hmm, guess the mods didn't like this pic?