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Git 'R' Done - MR Prime Time 9/27 and 9/29


This is the place for good times and good bodies; fire me some questions!


Ok, quick question here, as I'm just getting used to training in a "commercial" facility again.

What is the most reps you've ever had to spot someone on? I had a guy the other day who went for "a set of 6" and I pulled at least 3 and maybe 4 of the reps all the way up. I wanted to count if for one of my sets of curls, but thought better of it.

Who has got me beat?


Mike does your hardcore streching part 2 cover all the following groups that need to stretched as recommended in Eric's smart from the start?

Anterior deltoid
Pectoralis major and minor
Latissimus dorsi
Upper trapezius
Levator scapulae
Psoas major and minor
Tensor Fascia Latae (TFL) and Iliotibial Band (ITB)
Hamstrings (especially the lateral aspect, or biceps femoris)
Quadratus Lumborum
Lumbar Erectors
Gastrocnemius and Soleus

If it does, sweet, thanks, if it doesn't where can I find out how to?




I'm not that nice. I usually stop them if I have to lift more than one by myself.

Update, a few weeks ago I asked you about some patellar tendinitis. You told me to find the issue. I have been stretching out and it seems while favoring my knee my achilles tightened up. I have been stretching it out and it has helped a lot.

Thanks for the help. I still have to keep stretching it somemore but I'm sure that soon the pain will be completely gone.



I think it covers all of them except a stretch for the peroneals. To do that, roll your ankle in (trying to lay the outside of your foot on the floor) until you feel a stretch in the outer portion of your lower leg.

Me and this Cressey guy must think alike, eh?

Stay strong


It's been 2 months since I've been to the gym due to asthmatic bronchitis/lung infections, etc...

I'm not sure where I should "jump back in"??? Any ideas??? BTW, I've been training on and off for 15 yrs and am relatively knowledgeable about the Iron Game. Any programs on the site I should try??? Thanks


I saw my buddy spot a guy who was trying to bench 220lb.
He didn't get the first rep, though he insisted on doing 4 reps.

Myself I think I pulled like 3 reps of a "set of 10"

Dammit I hate it, why can't you english speaking guys use capital letters for nouns,too. Takes me the same time to "decapitalize" all nouns as writing the whole post... :wink:



First off, glad I could help. Second, glad you took my advice!

Stretching isn't the sexiest part of training, but it will keep you healthy and training for a lot longer than if you don't do it. Keep up the good work!

Stay strong


No doubt, I would start off VERY light and get re-acclimated to all the major movements in the first month or so. Take it easy, re-groove the movements, and get a training base back.

Once you are feeling up to speed again, get back into it full bore. 2 months doesn't sound like a lot, but d/t the illness and lack of training, you'd be smart to ease back into it. Good luck!

Stay strong


The dynamic duo, but whose batman and whose robin?


Assisted all eight on bench. Called it an upright row set.

Hey Mike,

A couple of months ago I experienced a lot of soreness in my hip flexors from doing three a week squat sessions. Lifting the knee on the sagittal plane revealed no soreness. Lifting my knee out to the side was when I really felt it. My solution was stretching galore and occasionally getting massage, while focusing on single leg movements rather than squats. The soreness eventually went away.

Enter front squats. I am now doing three a week front squats, managing load up and down to avoid over training. The soreness is back even though I'm continuing with the stretching.

Am I the one out of twenty that actually just needs to strengthen my hip flexors? Any ideas?



MR, is the neanderthal no more series your most 'general' rehabilitation program? IE aimed at correcting most of the major imbalances(scalpular retraction issues, extrnal rotation of the feet, week glutes). Basically does it adequately cover the problems described in some of your other articles like "Get your butt in gear"?


Are you sure it's your hip flexors and not your adductors? They are synergists, and the abduction of the thigh would lengthen (and irritate) a strained adductor muscle.

Another idea here would be to not squat 3x/week! Why not just add it in 1x per week and see how it goes? It sounds like you got healthy then just jumped right back into things full bore. Give your body the time it needs to heal.

Can you pinpoint the exact location of the pain? Any other movements other than squats that irritate it?

Stay strong


They are similar, but not the same. I feel like a lot of the movements from the GYBIG program could also be utilized in the NNM program.

NNM was more to correct the postural imbalances we see on a daily basis, where as GYBIG was geared more towards people with bad hip mobility and/or improper function of the gluteals.

Again, the two are similar, but definitely not the same. I think almost everyone reading this could benefit from following the NNM program once or twice a year, but I'm a little biased! As well, GYBIG movements can and should be used year-round IMO.

Stay strong


I'm trying to change my bench press style to more of a PL style and am attempting to follow your advice from your previous benching article. I am struggling with the idea of scapular retraction. Once I am set on the bench and have my scapula retracted and depressed, do I hold that position or does the scapula open up as I press the weight? Does the PL style involve more triceps??


Thanks for the reply Mike.

I believe it to be hip flexors as there is no pain when I adduct. To pin point the location; when I lift a knee against resistance, it is the medial portion of what seems like maybe two tendons, the lateral and larger seeming like the rectus femoris tendon, the pain is in what seems to the touch to be right beside it towards the inside. It seems a bit smaller and just inside. When I run my hand down the pain, it seems to go towards the inside of the leg though. Just not in the meaty part, more like between the quads and bigger adductors.

I am off the 3x week again, and will go to once a week deads as my next focus. Also, I will stretch and massage again. Do you think it a benefit to strengthen the adductors or hip flexors? I only ask because strengthening those two areas may cause an imbalance?

Thanks again,

p.s. the site looks good by the way


so perhaps throwing some of the pre-exersise stuff into the NTNM and maybe a few of the glute exersises into lower body days would work out ok? Volume would have to be monitored but do you see any real problems with this?


Yes, you should really focus on retracting/depressing the scapula throughout the movement. This is the best way to get a "base" from which to press from. Without it, not only are your shoulders at increased risk, but you can't move nearly as much weight.

Yes, the PL style uses considerably more triceps.

Stay strong


Rolo -

No problem bro; let's get you fixed up!

Check this link out and let me know what you think; I would venture to say it's your sartorius muscle:


I wouldn't focus on strengthening those areas, as they are typically tight. Do you have someone who can do ART on these areas, though? If so, that would be my first priority (even before stretching). If not, the foam roll could come in handy here, and massage is always a good idea. Make sure to discuss with your therapist the area you are having issues with and make sure she treats it well.

Finally, figure out what the problem is and how to correct it. I would imagine you have a postural flaw in the hips somewhere that is causing this, but that's just speculation since I haven't seen any pics. If your glutes aren't working and/or you have anterior tilting of the pelvis, the muscles/tendons on the anterior portion of the thigh will always be at increased risk.

Let me know how things go!

Stay strong


That probably wouldn't be bad; I do the dynamic flex stuff before every low body workout. EC and I might have something in store that will help you out; stay tuned.

Once you get this all put together, post it and I'll take a look at it. You don't want to get too much volume in there, but some of the exercises might be "substituted" if you do it properly.

Stay strong