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Git Off Muh Propertee



"A well armed society is a polite society." :slight_smile:


...I'm not sure what the purpose of this thread is.
This was a tragedy, and the people who shot at the kid are assholes. They give legal gun owners a bad name.


Aren't those the people from "The Hills Have Eyes?"


How horrible.


This makes me home sick.


I would blame the crystal meth, not the guns. I'm serious, the term backwoods ass country fucks come to mind.


fixed that for you


Backwoods ass county fucks. Because everyone who lives in the country must be a dumbass bumpkin.

(Tom, I think you just called out about half this site. If you're ever in Montana, Idaho, Ohio, Texas, Etc etc etc I'd be very careful where you tread ^_^)


And if they had been from above the mason-dixon, would they have been "hood-wigga" assholes?


You were thinking along the same lines as me.


So you are saying being below the mason-dixon is a prerequisite to being inbred?


I think the members of this site that you are alluding to, would only point their guns at the ATF for trespassing. Seriously though, these people shot at vehicles parked on the side of the road and then chased them down to shoot again. I hope we don't have any members like that.


no, but these were indeed backwoods ass country fucks. Woodticks, brown toothers, hilbillies, what ever you want to call them.


I have quite a few guns and have never fired them at anyone. Never even pointed a gun at another person.


It was only a joke.


As was my comment. :wink:


My internet humor interpretation fails me again. Doh


This is what happen when everyone can have a gun


Time for Texas to go all Texas on them, and put 'em down


This is sad, and I blame the stupidity and ignorance of the two who shot the boy. I had my hunting license by the time I was 10 yrs old, and my dad made damn sure I never took part in such stupidity. My friends and I have total respect for the gun, these two clearly lacked any common sense.