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GIS BBB Log- Time to Get Big

Hello everyone,
I want to give everyone a brief run down about me. I know I haven’t posted on here at all, but I’ve been following T-Nation for about 5 to 6 years now, always reading the articles everyday. I started with bodybuilding.com but that site is a piece of shit and they seem to be very close minded individuals. I like this site for its variety.

Anyways, It all began in junior high when someone made fun of my pigeon chest and about me being super skinny. I was always the smallest kid in school and probably the lightest as well. I weighed 76 lbs in 6th grade and I came into highschool about 105lbs. It was always hard for me to eat alot, I was the kind of kid that would take a bite of my food and run around the house before the next bite. I went into highschool and joined the waterpolo and swim team. Those built my appetite pretty well and we lifted weights 3 times a week and did many pushups and pullups and ab exercises everyday. I gained 20lbs from fresh to sophmore year. I joined a gym and began lifting. By my junior year I got up to 145 to 150. Then took lifting pretty seriously senior year and got up to 160 to 165.

I continued lifting pretty seriously, got stronger than most kids and then went off to college. I've always had training ADD and never stuck to a workout, did benching alot and everything else whenever i felt like it. Hardly worked my legs because I've always felt a hernia coming in near my lower abs right above my dick. that area. So i could never push it in squats, but in leg presses i could lift over 1000 lbs with proper form, legs going past 90 degrees. Got into college, couldn't eat as well. Dorm food was disgusting. Joined a fraternity and drank every single night. Still had training ADD and i stayed the same weight. 

The 2nd year in college i couldnt afford a variety of food so i pretty much wheat pasta, fatrty ground beef, and alfredo sauce for every meal. I thought it was healthy but i was greatly mistaken. What i didnt know is that Im gluten intolerant so that wheat fucked me over. anyways the past 2 weeks I did a raw fruit and veggie only diet, lost alot of weight and strength and now im here to stick to one workout plan and kill it. make sure everything is perfect, nutrition, recovery, and training. Im doing the Big Beyond Belief program 6days a week. I will post up my daily diet, workout, and pics asap.

btw my best maxes (not current) were: Bench 295, Pullups w/75lbs 8reps, Squat 315, DL 345, Push press 205 to 225. and i hardly worked out my arms, thats why they’re super skinny.

and I’m about 5’8 now.

Nutrition: Meal 1: Blended scoop of whey, fruit and creatine.

       Meal 2: 8 whole eggs with brown rice or potatoes mixed in, and 2 servings of oats (54g carbs)
       Meal 3: Tuna, salad with a bunch of veggies. Snack on nuts and seeds.

       Meal 4: Chicken or ground beef, beans, brown rice or yams, or potatoes. Snack on nuts and seeds afterwards.
       Post workout: Blend of 1 scoop whey, fruit, honey, and carb powder, and creatine.
       Meal 5: Some meat, Beans, Some type of Carb.
       Meal 6: Blend of Hemp, Brown rice protein, pea protein (dont ask me why i have it, but i do and will use it, 24grams protein per scoop), oats, honey, peanuts or peanut butter.

If i still feel hungry in the middle of the day I will eat one more meal of eggs and some type of carb, or might add a protein shake pre-workout. I’ll be cooking everything with olive oil.

Im the type of guy that can eat whatever he wants and wont gain any fat, but maybe im just not eating enough to gain fat in the first place and which is probably why im so skinny.

Let me know what you guys think about this.

Ill be supplementing with: A multi, creatine, flax oil, protein powders, glutamine, joint support, and at night ill be taking cascara sagrada just to make sure i take a fat shit in the morning. and melatonin at night just in case my body is too revved up from the workout since Ill be working out after I get off work.

and also I weigh about 155 right now.

Day 1: 1 Arm DB Row, Slight Incline DB Bench, Reverse Preacher, Machine standing calf raises.
2: Seated DB Press, Rope pushdowns, Squat, Rack Pulls, Hanging Leg Raises
3: Flat BB Bench, Weighted Pullups, BB Curl, Seated Calf Raises
4:Standing BB Military, Weighted Dips, Machine Hack Squat, Stiff Leg Deads, Cable Crunches
5: Hammer Machine Row, Incline BB Bench, Standing Calf Raises, Close Grip Chin ups
6: Push Press, Close Grip Bench, Squat, Floor Deads, Weight Roman chair situps.

I have a feeling this might be too much on my body, but its similar to Modoks. Ive read pretty much all of the BBB forums. Im wondering if i should switch the close grip chins for an isolated bb or db exercise? and modok had 2 leg exercises each time because in the book it says thighs only. Im not sure what i should do. Let me know what you guys think.


Ill be posting pics of my before shots soon.

I added a preworkout shake consisting of 1 scoop whey, carb powder, creatine and honey.

I also changed my exercise selection. New one is this:

1:1 arm db row, decline bench, alt db curl, machine standing calf raises.

2: seated db press, squat, rope pushdowns, leg curls, hanging leg raises.

3: flat bench, weighted pullups, bb curl, seated calf raises.

4: upright row, hack squat, weighted dips, rack pulls, cable crunches.

5: hammer machine row, incline bench, standing calf raises, hammer curls.

6: seated bb military, squat, dead stop cgbp, floor deads, weight roman chair situps.

First time in the gym in about 2 weeks after a fruit and veggies only diet for those 2 weeks. Damn do i feel weak.

Day1, ramp 1, week 1
BodyWeight: 158 workout length:about 30 min.

To determine how much i used, if its a db exercise i state how much each db weighed. if its barbell i write how much weight was on one side of the barbell not including the bar. its easier for me.

1 Arm db row: 2 warm up sets. 85/15,15,13
Decline bench: 1 warm up set. 55/13, 50/11, 45/10
Alt. DB Curl:35/15,10 30/13
Machine standing calf raises: 2 warm up sets and stretches. 285/15,15,14

At the end of db rows, i got a little sloppy. Tighten up.
Lower back lost alot of strength. Use less weight on decline to hit target weight. Get a watch to time rest periods.