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Gironda 'Wild Physique' PDF?


Hi ya Folks,

I'm really interested in reading Vince Gironda book "Unleashing the wild physique" but amazon are crazy money i can't afford and all the ebook sites i have to sign up.

Would anybody have a e-copy they could send me please.




Get a fucking job, you drunken Irish goon.


Have a job, and I don't drink fool lol

Thanks for answering tho


Damn, I remember reading that book as a young teen back in the mid-1980s! I borrowed it from a local public library using inter-library loan. Can't help you with a PDF, but maybe you could try the library. Hey, you never know...


Libraries still exist?



Because homeless people have to use the bathroom indoors from time to time...


quiet place to study maybe.......idk


A guy with no money who wants to read solid info about bodybuilding.

Man, if only there was a magical website where great bodybuilding articles were posted for free.


Thanks for all your help.

@ Super, I read all the articles on here, i was reading a bio of Vince and found it very interesting and they mentioned this book which i have tried to get but at $140.00 in Amazon, I'd gladly pay someone here if they had a old copy, but i cannot tell my missus i bought a book for 140 bucks, i'd be bashed lol

yes i might try the library, but i doubt they have it, since were all drunk and goon according to DB, theres just books on brewing your own poitìn

Go raibh maith agaìt


Wow, racism when there is a thread entitled Screw Racism!!!

And yes tongue is firmly in cheek here!!


Unfortunaly there are still people that judge everybody with the same brush.

You wouldn't have the ebook i'm looking for LOL


wow someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed


Don't take him seriously, he's kidding about the second part.


So the Beer in your Avi was your BFF's?

And DB is known for his abrasive humor.


I was thinking maybe he worked for guiness(sp)


An Irishman who works for a brewery but doesnt drink?


haha makes no sense I know....why would he have the beer as his pic? My mind is boggled


Yea its like having Tiger Woods promoting Hooters and saying he is celibate.


haha very good

I just like the pic...lol no seriously i haven't drank in 12 weeks, that pic was my last pint, now that i think about it i must change the pic.


The guy is Irish, works in a brewery, with an absolutely tantalizing-looking glass of beer for an avi, he can't afford to buy a book (although $140 or whatever sounds like a steep price for ANY book) and there's some sort of question as to whether or not he's a piss-poor drunkard whose pants smell like urine? Is he really a drunken Irish goon? Did Rose Kennedy have a black dress?

This motherfucker is Peter Griffin's dad!