Gironda Perfect Curl Safety

I have recently been using Perfect Curls as part of my bicep routine

A fitness instructor at my gym said the backwards motion can hurt my back?
I really don’t see how it can but any opinions?

should I stop using the exercise or just slap him down and say he knows nothing?

Pic related (not me)

um, the backward motion is just extension of the lumbar spine… so if you don’t over over extend it’s fine.

btw, does he have bigger arms than you? if not, don’t listen to what he has to say on the matter.

my 2 cents

Thanks, nah hes about the same size as me and hes about 35
might be a step instructor or something

Judging from the description in the article, you’re looking for movement of the shoulder blades and thoracic spine. You should not be extending and flexing the lumbar spine.

fair enough

You’re just changing your body position to keep tension on the biceps at the top and bottom. It’s supposed to be subtle, not like you’re flinging your upper body back & forth. Vince Gironda is generally into highly controlled movements, and not really into big weights that you move with a little body english.

Can’t really comment on your form or what the trainer was referring to, whether he’s crazy of not, or whether you’re doing the movement wrong.

looked really quick and the assessment is the torso movement creates 2 things: greater ROM, no rest in the top position which equals greater TUT. #3 you could accidentally F your back with all the movement. The principals are there but is it necessary/worth it? The no rest at the top is interesting but not sure it outweighs the potential back instability, especially going heavy.

just read above me, done subtly it should be fine.

Im weak as piss, i lift light :slight_smile:
I try keep my action very controlled and its quite a slow movement
I bring the bar up reasonably fast but lower slow so I think its ok
I feel no pressure on my lower back
thanks for your coments so far