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Gironda/Lots of Muscle/Cream


VG & Larry Scott swore by "Vince's Special Protein Drink." Any of you bb's try it out, if so, how were your gains? Here it is for those who don't know about it:

12 oz. half & half
12 raw eggs. ( best to use the 100% liquid eggs we have today I guess, but they have no yolk. Comments on that one.
1/3 cup protein powder
1 banana
Blend it up & drink it thruout the day, between meals and before retiring.

And anyone try "The Hormone Precursor Diet"? Vince said it was the ultimate musclebuilding diet! If you don't know it, I'll add here later on. Just say so.

Larry Scott has said once he started with the half & half/cream he grew like a weed.


half and half appears to have a pretty good lipid profile. very short chain fatty acids and almost a 1:1 ratio of saturated to unsaturated.



Post it.


Yeah, heavy cream was the bodybuilding "secret" of a lot of the old-timers (I say secret lightly because it wasn't really a secret; everyone was doing it). Rheo H. Blair, who some call the father of supplements, was big on the stuff, as well.

I use heavy cream in my homemade weight gainer shakes when I'm packing on weight. Works great for me.


Okay, found a link with some great stuff on "the history of nutrition in bodybuilding":


Blair is also mentioned on that page. I knew he changed his name, I just couldn't remember what his real name was (Irvin Johnson; he changed his name to Rheo H. Blair because a fortuneteller once told him "H" is a fortunate letter, or so the legend goes...).

Anyways, the Hormone Precursor Diet is close to the bottom of the page. There's a lot of other great stuff on there, as well.


Gironda recommended this diet for four to six weeks, followed by a mostly vegetarian ?alkalinizing? diet.

Vince?s special protein drink made of 12 oz half and half, 12 raw eggs, 1/3 cup milk-and-egg protein powder, 1 banana. (Make one to three mixtures of this formula and drink throughout the day, between meals, and before retiring)

1 multi-vitamin tablet 3 vitamin A and D tablets or 3 halibut oil capsules 1 vitamin B complex
1 vitamin B-15 tablet 1 vitamin C comlex (300 mg) 2 vitamin E capsules (800 iu)
1 zinc tablet 1 chelated mineral tablets 5 alfalfa tablets
10 kelp tablets 3 tri-germ and wheat germ oil capsules 1 RNA/DNA tablet
3 Lysine tablets
(400 mg) 1 hydrochloric acid tablet
(before meal)
3 digestive enzyme tablets (after meal) 3 multi-glandular tablets
(nucleo glan male or female)

1 pound hamburger or other meat
Mixed greeen salad or raw vegetables

1 iron tablet
4 calcium tablets
Repeat of breakfast vitamins with omission of vitamin E, tri-germ, wheat germ, halibut oil

1 to 2 pound steak or roast meat
Raw or steamed vegetables or salad and cottage cheese

Same as lunch

Special Supplements
10 amino acids and desiccated liver tablets (every 3 hours) 5 yeast tablets with the protein drink

4 raw orchic tissue tablets (before and after workouts)

6 each of the following before retiring: arginine, ortithine, tryptophan, calcium tablets [/i]


That's it, tada. Great post. I've read everything I could find on Blair over the past 5 yrs. Both he & Gironda played a big role in making Larry Scott. Scott said that himself. I'm thinking of trying this for the 6-8 weeks. Will see if I get much drainage from all the cream.
It's mighty tasty & leaves you feeling full & you never go hungry either!


I get bad drainage, congestion, sinus headaches, the whole nine whenever I consume dairy. But with the cream, I use such a minimal amount (relatively speaking) that it doesn't seem to bother me a whole lot. That's why I love the stuff, because it's so calorically dense.


Dianabol also helped make Larry Scott, not that he would admit it.


D-Bols to the wall.


Actually, it's funny you say that. From the link I posted:

But Blair could not help knowing that these dramatic results were not achieved on food and protein powders alone. Bodybuilders knew that they could expect to build muscle consuming 8000 calories per day, but not lose fat at the same time. That required some additional anabolic assistance. Blair knew his guys were taking steroids. Don Howorth readily admitted his past use of Dianabol, but was adamant about the importance of diet along with it. In fact, some bodybuilders were quite open about drugs. When Larry Scott, two-time winner of Mr. Olympia, was asked about his steroid use he said without hesitation, "Sure, doesn't everyone?" However, the bodybuilding magazines continued the deception that the new, larger physiques were built on powders and supplements. Thus steroid use artificially inflated the already marketable commodities of bodybuilding.


and mike mentzer worked for the guy who invented it.


Hmmmm...Could this be why the "big and smooth" look was standard back then? Milk products allegedly hides "cuts"...Vince himself was often critisized for being "too ripped" back then I understand...


You seem like you are condradicting yourself with that statement. Gironda being too ripped/the cream making people smooth.


Not so, Vince was notorious for "do as I say, not as I do", he advised lifters how to maximize their goals...Makkaway wanted to be ripped, Vince showed him how to max-out that look, while telling big Arnold he was "too fat"...


Sounds like a nice bedtime snack for those of you on the anabolic diet (minus the banana!)...


i was wondering if you knew how the following diets were layed out and what workout routine applies to each one....

red meat & vegetables diet
hawaiian diet
dairy & fish diet
lacto vegeterian diet


1) all those diets are pretty much variations of the same thing. proteins and fat
2) LEARN THIS: Your workouts do not change for a particular diet. At first. Once you have your base and +3-4 years of training under your belt. then you can try it.


Except for the protein+fruit diet lol


i completely agree with you but i was just wondering if you happened to have this information so i can use it for future reference, thanks again


just drink the damn cream . that shit tastes amazing .