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Gironda Dips


This is question for you more expereincde lifters. Are gironda dips shoulder wreckers?
I am talking about doing them after a very good warm up and then probably some flat or incline bench dbl presses. Then my next progression would be the gironda dips.

Good or bad? Yes or no? I dont want to get into any impingement issues, at my age too hard to recover from and thanks. Yes I have done a search, but did not find anything too specific.


The muscle mechanics of each individual differ. The only way to tell is to do them, and if any soreness results in the joint itself I would discontinue them.

I have incorporated them in my training in the past, and did not experience any problems (this after having shoulder/ rotator cuff surgery for an unrelated matter).

I did find however, especially when doing weighted dips, some joint pain in the elbows.

I think the trick is to do them in a controlled manner, especially on the way down. No bouncing.