Gironda Curl

Am I an idiot or a genius?

In the “Arm Training Tip” thread earlier last week, I posted my tip, which turns out to be exactly the same as the Gironda Perfect Curl.

I felt a little embaressed at first, but then I realized that I though of this on my own and then found out that Gironda coined the same movement before I was even walking.

Just goes to show you that even if you have a great idea, someone’s probably thought of it before you.

That Gironda “invented” that curl means nothing! You came up with the same idea, that means that you’re using your brain and not your ego when you’re training. I wish more people would do the same.

(I’m pretty sure somebody else were doing that curl befor Gironda made it know as “Girondacurl”.)

neither idiot nor genius.

you found something on your own that greatly worked your biceps. maybe cavemen did this sort of thing in the past way before modern bodybuilding. so, who cares if you knew it even if it was already coined and categorized. as long as you don’t reinvent the squat calling it “the seater” or something stupid like that, your fine.