I’m starting to notice alot of the guys at my gym are dyeing their hair, and getting that fake and bake tan. These guys are also the ones that work out in designer muscle shirts to show off their underdeveloped arms. I wear my workout clothes till they get holes in em then I’ll buy something new. I wear a t-shirt that pretty well hides my body. I’d shave my head if it didn’t piss my wife off so much.
So, what’s with all the pretty boys? Do women actually like that stuff? I think they just look gay, (pc)not that there is anything wrong with that(/pc).

Gay styles generally catch on in straight men a couple of years later.

i don’t know, i think the chicks that go to the gym just like those guys like them. What i mean is the girls who “workout” with makeup on in their gucci jump suit. I look like a dirtbag WHEN I WORKOUT (and that time only). My hairs always messy, ugly sweat pants and a t or sweart shirt. Who the hell do i have toi impress at the gym, the girlies in their prada sneakers?

There is a guy at my gym like that who i lovingly refer to as backstreet. He was once doing presses with in think 55’s so i grabbed the sixties and started doing curls. haha.

I didn’t know fake tanner was a sign of homosexuality…

The frat types don’t bother me that much because all they ever do is bench and curl with their small posse of three or four buddies, so they don’t usually interfere with me. I’m not fond of the squat rack curlers though…grr.

 Hair dyers MUST be gay.

 Now as for the bake-tanning comment, could I see you in the back for a second...*ahem hm*

 Ill have you know I tan. I will also let you know I train like a madman - and strictly for functional strength. I am not your pretty boy type. However, in the light of me being snow-white without the tanning, and the fact that chicks do dig my darker skin, and the fact that, lets face it it brings out more definition, I decided to tan. Any problem with that? *The RocK-like brow*

 I will be waiting for an apology PRONTO. 

What is with those guys though? A lot of them act real arrogant and “better than you” around me because I don’t have dyed blond hair. Then while they are doing a dumbell bench press I do a dumbell over-head press with twice as much weight and they look at me like I’m an asshole. Yeah I’m lifting this much just to show you up! Get out of my way!

I think back when I was a clueless lad and remember that I must’ve drove the veterans crazy too. Rolling into the gym with a posse of 3 or four guys, hogging the smith machine, the bench, the hacksquat, doing lateral raises a foot away from the DB rack. Friday nights were the worst, we would be in the gym talking lots of shit, laughing, planning the nights excursion and just generally mucking up the whole gym process. I remember doing all of that. Me and my buddies had to have driven the hardcore guys crazy.

So nowadays, even though it’s difficult, I try my damndest to show tolerance, unless these posse’s start hanging around the areas where I work.


Just to clarify, it’s not the tanning alone that comes across as gay, it’s the combination dyed hair, tight muscle shirt, small arms and tan look.

Heck, I’m tan, but it’s all natural.

And I’ll add, I can see how totally pale skin may result in a lack of poon, thus moderate tanning may be required to rid yourself of poon repelling paleness.

Homosexual males love the dyed hair, highlights, frosted tips, fake tans (i.e. applied chemicals) and tanning beds. Does that mean that you’re gay if you do? Probably not. :slight_smile:

It more than likely means that we straight men are picking up on what those with the fashion gene have already discovered.

 Thank you.

  Now, Ill add, posses make me sick.

  I always work out alone. Sometimes I have a training partner. But posses make me sick.

  Take today, f.ex. There's this college posse of 5 guys. Ive seen them there 3 times this week, the whole posse. And 3 times this whole week they worked their arms, the posse. More specifically, all biceps curls. An anorexic girl's arms are literally as thick as those of one of the guys in said posse.

  5 minutes later, they're chatting in a spot. This spot is the ab/spinal extension center of the gym. But what are they doing? 2 are laying down on the incline/decline ab platforms, and the other 3 are sitting on the floor. They're just talking. The anorexic little girl of the group has shoulders that almost touch his ears. Yet he walks around like he's gonna kick my ass. He's the kind of guy I refer to in my post 'Balance' (which by the way nobody replied to, argh)

  Posses. Hm.

Truth is, some of dem posses are…gay.

Posses curling in the squat rack… grrrr

I too always work out alone. I used to have a very good workout partner but that’s another story.

Z, I’ve written about the soy boy invasion at Signal Hill Gold’s here so many times I’m making myself sick thinking about it. Not only are these guys funny looking, several of them tend to be rude and definitely obnoxious. Shrugs, dumbell bench and bicep curls tends to be the extent of their routines. Unfortunately, they somehow seem to find a way to do all of these in the squat rack. It’s the bar crew. I guess we’ve got to put up with them, but I don’t take any shit from them, that’s for sure.

First of all, it`s called a gym, not a fashion parade or runway.

Second, when I see all those pretty boys come up, I laugh internally. Each time, they remind me of TC`s article on smiles, willingness to please, masculinity and Richard Simmons. Prettyboys are the antithesis of the Testosterone spirit, IMHO.

Proof of the pudding: Take Sean Connery. Did the guy have to resort to all the gay/girly stuff to get voted as one of the centurys sexiest men? Nope. Would girls/women of my age (31) go to bed with him? Ive heard some say: anytime.

Its like good manners: what is left out, what is not shown, what you dont perceive speaks far more than anything else. In this case, bodyfiers (body modifiers).

Diesel - chuckle

One thing to ask yourself, what would John Wayne do? If the duke wouldn’t do it in personal grooming, it’s probably girly. Any man who spends more time in the personal grooming bit than the gym has issues.
Worship at the squat rack and you shall be set free.

I think it’s pretty stupid how concerned all of you are with the way others dress. Most of you complaining probably have no sense of how to dress outside the gym either.

Also, walking around the gym in clothes that are 20 years old doesn’t make you any better than someone who chooses to wear something that’s considered to be in style. Personally, I think the guys that walk around the gym wearing shitty clothes and acting like they own the place are douche bags as well.

Also, it’s pretty hipocritical to call someone gay for not wearing beat-to-shit clothing to work out in. For the most part, this is a body-building website…“to look good nekkid.” I can’t count the number of articles and posts I’ve seen that quote in.

So tell me, if most of you are working out to look good, then what the hell is wrong with looking good while working out?