Girly Olympics?

Let me preface this by saying I have nothing against homosexuals, BUT:

Is men’s synchronized diving not the gayest sport ever?

I would have to agree. Synchronized javelin throwing or synchronized pole vaulting would be much more interesting.

Hey, how about synchronized shot put… to giant men moving in perfect harmony! ha ha

I do have something against homosexuals, I wish people would stop calling them gay. they are not gay people, they are the saddest bunch of folks on this earth.
Now that is out of the way how about Synchronized wrist flicking, or hairdressing or even synchronized sashaying.

I hear CJ Hunter is entering the synchronized pie eating contest in 2004

Hey Bob, I think that the fact that you worry so much about what other do in their private lives makes you even sadder. IMHO.

no. do synchronized competitive sports… synchronized wrestling anyone? or synchronized weightlifting?

To rafeal, I don’t worry about what others do in their private life, but when you go putting your queer self in my face thats when I kick your queer ass OK.I was attacked by homos when I was younger and God help you if you come any where near me I will kill you GOT IT!!!