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A girl I really like is interested in me, and I have a chance with her. But, she is also interested in a couple other guys, so how do i make sure I can get with her? I really like her, not just trying to fuck

You have to learn how to throw a “cockblock” or a “shield” when the other guys are present. My friends say I am the ultimate shield thrower and that I possess the “Golden Shield.” Basically, it comes down to the fact that I will start up a conversation with a young lady and not be afraid to talk to them or start getting a little touchy feely. Even if other guys are present and trying to “hook up.”

ok thanks nate , can you elaborate a little bit on this and maybe offer some more tips?

Well, if she is interested in you and other guys, it’s gonna be hard. Because she may toy with you or decide to get with someone else. You may want to show some interest in her, but not too much. Because she may think you’re too pushy and will blow you off for one of the other dudes. Spend some time with her, take her out on a simple date. Talk to her. Listen. Have fun. Let her become emotionally attached to you, and you’ll be good to go. Just remember to be yourself.

Just wanted to say I was in the same situation and this was my experience. Girls expect guys to approach them right! Well, don’t kiss on a first date, give your number but don’t ask for hers in return. Tell her you would like to hear from her but there is no pressure in that you are not asking for hers. From there, after the first date leave her guessing,“why didn’t he try to kiss me?” Find out where she works and send spring flowers…not roses! Make sure she gets really embarrassed then wait for her to call and arrange for a second date. From there you should get the number. After the second date this either makes or breaks it. Don’t try to kiss her, gently touch her arm while talking, that will give her the signal that you are a nice guy but not overbearing. Make sure to set a 3rd date in public…joging or walking in a park. this keeps you moving, you are not sitting down staring into a cup of coffee thinking of something to say. This way don’t you think a drink or snack at her place would be an option? You betcha! Now, you have peaked her interest, she won’t think of other guys. The worst thing you can do is to kiss and hold right away…that is the difference between a man and a boy…can you control your hormones? because she can!

Well, that is simple. Bring the other two guys with you.