Girls when you're old ladies

Hey girls if you start growing a moustache when you’re an old lady, would you want your husband to let you know about it or pretend he doesn’t notice?

If they are going to get on us for having hair sprout out of our ears and eyebrows that are trying to take over the bald spot on our head then they should be able to accept a little dark hair on the upper lip that’s easy to fix with bleach or wax. Just one old hairy eared guy’s opinion.

Uh…is this a trick question? kidding. But seriously, I’d make sure NO ONE knows about it. Y’know there are ways…

Pretend you DON’T notice, but get her a surprise gift certificate to a day spa… the beautician will most likely wax it right off. I’m not saying lie, but you’ll hurt her feelings, much as she would hurt your feelings if she said you were looking older and less attractive - let’s be serious, how attractive is a moustache?

Buy her a Bic razor for her birthday she will get the picture…if her teeth come out tell her to Fixadent and forget it lol…just kidding man…and i am a dude by the way…uhh yeah i would…just in a nice way…waxing would be better this way she doesnt have to do it as often.good luck

what about threading the hair, or using nair?

Anyone else here notice how a lot of the solutions to difficulties with women from Michelle and some others, includes- kissing her ass or buying her something?

Why the hell does the guy have to buy her a certificate to the spa so she can her mustache waxed off? Why can’t she go herself. Why can’t she wax it herself?

I never see Michelle, or any other women give answers that do anything good for the men.

Ah yes, I love to have my ass kissed. whatEVER. How about a bit of tact here? Let’s look at it… The husband notices his wife’s lip hair is starting to look like a moustache. He can A. Say ‘Sweetheart, do you want to borrow my razor, you look like Groucho Marks’ making her feel ugly or B. Say ‘Honey, I got you a facial at a spa’ making her feel special. So, Horatio, when you are old and get an ugly pot belly, would you rather your wife said ‘Honey, you’re getting fat and ugly’ or ‘Look I got you a gym membership, I hope you like it’ It’s called protecting someone’s feelings and helping them feel good about themselves.

Make her “feel” ugly…LOL.

Women are so weird.

I can’t believe that a woman approaching that age wouldn’t notice the growing moustache herself. Most women approaching menopause are well aware of the changes going on inside and outside and don’t really need anyone to tell them about it. Trust me, she’ll notice and most likely will take the initiative to do something about it herself.

I don’t know, I would like to think my blunt honesty to a fault personality wouldn’t fail me and I would say(in a nice way) “You know your getting a killer moustache.” Smile innocently make my halo appear above my head bat my pretty eyes and then Miss wolfwoman would be self concious enough to get ride of it. See no mixed messages no crap. I wouldn’t want a girl to get me a gym membership if I turned to a pack of shit. I would want her to say “Hey you looked really good a long time ago…well ya you don’t anymore. Just telling.” Then I would want her to show me her boobs for comfort. After which I would get my ass to the gym. See simple solutions to simple problems. This ain’t Chaos theory. Wait we’re talking about women here I think it’s beyond Chaos theory. :slight_smile: