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Girls that are selfish....sexually

i know this is a little off topic, but what’s up with girls that won’t do anything unless they expect something in return. my woman won’t pleasure me unless she gets something in return. and when she does go down on me she tries to get it over with as quick as possible so she can get her turn. then when i pleasure her she wants me to take it slow. fock dat. i would pleasure a girl without anything in return if they really liked it. how come she can’t be like that. are most girls like that, or do i just have a dud.

Your girl sucks! My beautiful 18 yr. old girl went down on me tonight & took her sweet little time and, and, she gulped all my love down too! She says it tastes sweet. She’s the best! Get this! She even does my cuts & cleans my nails, both hand & even my freakin’ ugly toes! Can you believe that?! And oh, I fingered her a little bit, but didn’t finish. Was too tired & told her we’ll have some fun tmr. night. She was cool with that. Go find another girl!

You’ve got a dud. Dump 'er.

My husband loves BJ’s (what man doesn’t) and I love to give them to him because I love him and how happy they make him. I’ve given him many with nothing expected in return, and he has pleasured me for nothing too…Maybe your girl doesn’t care fo you? Just the look of pleasure on his face when he is “receiveing” is enough to get me addicted to them. I think your girl is a dud.

Dump her ass. Another day with a selfish bitch is a day lost that could have been spent with one that shares, cares selflessly. If you want a lot of action from her instead of dumping her, dump her ass cold and tell her why. You win if she starts giving, you win if she hits the trail.

…Dang, babe…you pump iron…read “Testosterone”…drive guys CRAZY in the gym when you do Stiff Legged Deads…and now I know you can make the 'ole man almost PASS OUT when you do the Lollipop Lick…the Lion thinks…well…he thinks…he thinks he’s in LOVE!!!:)—!!! (I think I’ll go take a cold shower now…)

sorry, you have a dud. if she’s keeping score then you are just being used. i’m sorry if you like her, but if she’s going down on you just so she can ‘have a turn’ then get out of it. when i’m with someone i go down for the ‘reward’ of hearing them moan…and that’s all she should need too.

…okay, M…You know that you and The Babe are startin’ to make ME moan!!!(LOL!!)

Lion, honey, I’m sure I speak for the both of us when I tell you, we’re glad to be of ‘service’ grin

If you happen to know what I’m talking
about with regard to being a Dom rather
than being Mr Nice Guy, you really ought
to switch modes. May not work depending
on her personality type but it probably
will. She may be finding out if you’re
a real man or a wuss. I hope that doesn’t sound
offensive because it’s not intended to be,
but it could be an issue. (I appreciate
that being gentlemanly is in reality not
being a wuss at all, but it can be
perceived that way by women.)