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A girl at my gym recently asked me about any interactions between Anavar/Primobolan/Winny (which is all she will consider using)and her birth control implant. To be honest I have no idea where to look for such information…and I have tried!
Do any of you guys/girls have a clue to possible side effects (i.e. neutralizing her birth control implant) if she were to take low doses (5-10 gms)of any of the formentioned steroids?

Many thanks for your input.

i wouldnt touch that with a ten foot pole bro. point her towards her doc. that is the only answer i would trust if i were her. do you realize how many types of birth control exist? i would be skeptical at best of any answer from any of my fellow juiceheads. the bro’s around this board are fairly responsible but i have seen some wild shit out there on other boards. the bottom line and only answer is, SEE HER DOC.

Do her a big favor and convince her that she doesn’t want to fool with steroids. Her endochrine system can get screwed up for the rest of her life. Besides, maybe she was just wanting to let you know she was on birth control and available.

im with avoids, i think she was just trying to tell you she wants to hump.

I’m disappointed in you boys for not being a little more clever with this one. Anyway, tell by taking these agents into the body via an intra-oral-ejaculatorial-injection she runs no risks of any detrimental sides effects/and or interactions with her current medications. Furthermore let her know that you are qualified and available for the administration of the necessary doses, and will even be willing to help set up a protocol for her PCT.

Wideguy wants to take Post Cycle Therapy to a new posterior low, me thinks.

I really don’t like the affects juice has on women, my .02.

Except for making them horny as a billy goat…

I’ve yet to see one that wasn’t hornier then a billy goat (once you got past their ‘lady like’ exterior)

However, combining all the previous opinions would be your best bet. Tell her that roids are pretty much made from male hormones. Tell her most doc’s don’t give a shit if you ask them questions related to illigle stuff, because they just want you to stay alive. And tell her most doc’s don’t know shit about this anyway.

Yeah. Noone has proberbly given you the answer you were hoping for eh? :stuck_out_tongue:

If she is really hung up on doing steroids she should see her doc and get the implant removed. She won’t need birthcontrol anyway once she starts up a cycle. Sticking with the highly anabolic steroids like primo, anavar, and winstrol to begin with is her best bet. (My g/f is on 50mg of oral winstrol right now and is experiencing no masculinizing effects at all. Everybody’s body handles the sides differently though - just like some guys get gyno easier then others.
But remember this is her body and her decision. The best thing you can do is help her make an informed, impartial one, and whatever she decides you must respect. P-22

That’s great guys - thanks…some funny shit too!

She also mentioned T3/4 - that doesn’t ge mentioned on this forum a whole lot. What is the general opinion of thyroid meds for BF% loss?

T3 is a whole different ball game, advise that she try Hotrox first.

Bizare as it seems, where I live in Cyprus, it is impossible to get Hotrox but easy to get T3/4 and gear generally.

So what about thyroid meds for BF% loss?


These Thyroid medications are dangerous. They can cause permament hypothyroidism causing the user to possibly be dependent on thyroid medication for the rest of his/ her life. Also once the user discontinues these meds there is a ‘rebound effect’ - the bodies own t3 production has been severly suppressed and going off the T3 will cause metabolism to slow and the result will be significant weight gain.
Using hotrox or T2-pro is a good idea to help recover natural t3 production, however, since you don’t have access to these this would make the use of cytomel even more risky.

I think she should consider trying steroids first, combined with cardio and dieting, and also the use of nolvadex - an estrogen blocker which will assist her in losing fat in the stubborn areas where women tend accumulate it (due to their bodies production of estrogen). P-22

Thanks P22 - really appreciate the advice - will pass it on.