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Girls Fighting Guys


Why is it that nowdays alot of women believe they can beat up a guy with no problem? When the truth is that most women cannot beat up most guys no matter how tough the girl think she is, she can only go as far as the guy will let her go.

I told one woman who think she could take me that I could do anything I want to her and it would be nothing she could do to stop me....no gun or knife just my hands.

Like when Chris Brown beat up Rihanna. Im sure she thought she could just beat his ass thats why she started hitting him first...then she found out the hard way that she was wrong!

I dont think men should beat up women, but women should stay in their place and not try to be so tough and find out later on the hard way that most men will hurt them.


kinda random and strange.

but x2


Its seems my friend, you have never seen a furious woman. With a 9x tolarance to pain more than us, they are dangerous.. try hurting a woman's kid, and you will find out how powerful they can become.


If the woman weighs more then 140lbs she could put up a good fight, most likely will still get her ass beat but anything under, especially tiny girls that talk smack really aren't anything.

Think of a bitch, the little dog will bark bark it's freaking head off but in reality is powerless when it comes down to it. Barking makes it seem way tougher then it really is.
Same thing goes with women.


not sure where the OP was going with this...

however, it's something i've been thinking a lot about recently. to often now i see two guys beating their chests talking about how they're gonna lay a whoopin on each other with their gf's holding them back. then they'll start fighting and one of the gf's with inevitablly start to hit one of the guys, she'll get backhanded to the ground, and the crowd will go 'oooh, you don't hit a girl!'

same goes with trying to eject a guy out of the bar/club. his gf will come up and thinking she's immune because she has tits, try to lay a fist or two into a security guard. when she gets shoved out onto the sidewalk, she'll exclaim (usually in tears) I'M A GIRL, YOU DONT TOUCH ME!.

sorry, but if girls conciously try to scrap with guys, they shouldn't cry about it later.

same goes with girls trying to take cheap shots and expect nothing to happen to them.



you ever been kicked in the balls?

shit hurts


this one time, this one bitch was totally outta line. She hella came out of the kitchen and was all bitch'n at me and shit. and i was like, "bitch get yo ass back in the kitchen", and she didn't. She started frontin' so i did what any other man would do and slugged her in the face. She started crying and bleeding and shit..

what a pussy i totally kicked her ass cause im so much stronger than she is.

girls are such total pussies in general not being as strong as men and shit.


Have you tried this before?


Muay Thai fight between a man and a woman.


The first night I met one of my ex-gfs she told me that she did judo in her spare time. I said badass I wrestled in high school, so let's "fight". Basically, I was looking for an excuse to put my hands on her, obviously not looking to harm her in any way.

So I go in to pick her up and place her gently on the ground, and she instantly tossed me on my ass. She forgot to mention that she was on the US Olympic team for judo. I was owned by a girl who weighed about 70lbs less than me.

A little bit of a turn on....not gonna lie


wow that was hard to watch..

but he kicked her ass God she was such a pussy


I actually understand where you are going with this. At my highschool I am surrounded by girls who legitamitly feel they could win fights against respectable guys. I am extremely against violence against women, but some girls just need to shut up.


From what I've read, she was considered a top female fighter. Point is, even with things being somewhat equal, I wouldn't expect to win against a man in a fight. I learn MA for self defense and that's a totally different ball game.


On a side note, it is 110% ok to beat a feminist.

They want equality well then I will hit them like I would any male being an asshole.


This is a movie that graphically depicts domestic violence.


That 9x tolerance to pain thing is bullshit and only applies to when they're birthing a child or under immense psychological/emotional distress because of the parasympathetic overload(adrenaline rush).

Women when not under powerful emotional stress are far less tolerant to physical pain then men.

So basically, women will beat your ass(or try) over their child's safety but men will beat your ass much more handily when you insult them over much less consequential things.



Word to this. Guys who fail to recognize that a trained woman could lay them out - they get laid out! It obviously shows that you don't have problems with your masculinity if it turned you on - as opposed to making you angry - which I'm sure had something to do with her attraction to you.

To the OP, you're an idiot. No matter if she started hitting him first, he should've manned up and walked away from that situation.

and LOL@standarddonkey



Nah I'm against hitting women and shit, but like Macaroni said, the ones who think they can do whatever they want 'cos they're women really piss people off


Am I the only one who finds this bit just a little strange...?


I remember when I was 16 some girl, must of been around 25, was fucking on crack or something, and she was going sick, coming at me trying to claw me, spitting at me, you name it. I didn't know what to do since I'd never even considered hitting a girl, but after she bopped me on the nose and ripped my shirt off me, I just belted her about 4 times to the skull and she just sprawled out on her back.

Beating women? Not good. Self defence, great.


ITT moar rehashed points about retarded women and borderline sexism.

The only real time you have a reason to hit a women is if she:

  1. Hits you first.

  2. Is going to harm someone else.