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Girls Can't Be Altar Servers


So, my diocese and a Parish I attend a few times a month recently decided no girls allowed. So, please commence with how the Catholic Church is misogynist.


Seems unreasonable to me. I don't know about misogynist, but unless there are just droves of boys waiting to be alter servers that are not allowed to because the roles are so taken up by girls, I don't see it having any impact whatsoever on vocations to the priesthood. In fact, even if that is the case, I don't see this.

Sorry for the girls who wanted to or enjoyed serving during Mass.


I didn't realize rectors had the authority to make changes like this on a local level. Aren't all Catholic churches considered under the Pope's authority, and subject to Vatican law and policies?


The pastor's of churches can make decisions about their own church's practices, so long as they don't contradict the Holy See. Though, I don't know why BC chose to post this. One asshole pastor makes a bad decision isn't really news. It just means that one pastor is an asshole. People hate Catholics enough, we don't have to out every little mistake to add fuel to the fire.

As far as the church authority structure. Yes, all churches are subject to the dogma of the Holy See, but the bishop, as prescribed by scripture do have pretty broad authority over their dioceses. For instance, say you went to the bishop and said, "I am gay, but I want to be Catholic and participate in the sacraments". If here declared it ok for you to receive the sacraments, then you could.
An example of what a bishop could not do for instance, would be to get rid of the Eucharist, or stop reading scripture during mass, or authorize people to break from the church or to allow self appointed clergy to be clergy.....You know, like Sinaed O'conner one day arbitrarily declared herself a priest in the Catholic Church? A bishop could not recognize that.


Vatican law...think you mean Canon Law.

And, Bishops have authority to make changes like this, and Bishop Olmsted gave the Rector control of this Cathedral as he's the Bishop and has a lot on his plate.

My parish that I go to during the school year started boys only altar servers at the center I frequent (with some good results) and the priest that runs the center is best friends with Father Paul (as in lived next door to him for 18 years, went to college and seminary together). Coincidence?


Why is he an asshole?


Here is a Catholic priest's commentary on the move:



More commentary on a commentary of the decision [commentary in brackets]:

Read more: http://wdtprs.com/blog/2011/08/should-the-infamous-altar-girl-decision-be-reversed-wm-oddie-opines-wdtprs-polls-included/


Within the context of PWI...who cares? This kind of stuff should easily be in the off-topic forum.


Girls had the honor of serving as alter servers and he took that away from them for no reason. This idea that it would bump up vocations is retarded.


I really don't think anyone who isn't Catholic cares about something like this. If Catholic women and girls take offence, there may be fewer Catholics. But really, why would any non Catholic care?

Unless the response you are attempting to troll for is something along the lines of... ohhh.... the pastor is simply looking for more boys to molest. Evil Catholic paedophiles.


Sorry to go here but maybe this particular priest is a gay pedophile herding his flock for easy picking?

I mean it's not like the Catholic church has a clean dick in this matter.


You beat me by as long as it took to type my post.


That was funny.


I guess it's a fine line. If the bishop is stating that he wants to give boys more of an opportunity that's one thing, but if he's stating that doctrinally, god doesn't sanction girls serving at his altar, that would seem to be heretically contradictory to canon law.


Not to worry, you gleefully made sure that one got in there.


Funny indeed. I remember you now I believe. You have a different avatar but your sass is still the same. Good to see your still posting.


Not the only one. But I'm pretty sure that my post was obvious sarcasm. I honestly don't care and I think that the Church is embarrassed by the past offences and is attempting to change this image.

I am an atheist, but I don't think that just because religion can be dangerous all religions are dangerous.

But upon further thought, couldn't anyone who is a part of this specific congregation simply transfer to a new church if they don't agree with this new rule? I know we have several Catholic churches in my town.




Well how gay was it?