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Just for shits and giggles, what do you think about doing a post your girlfriends picture thread. I have seen some of you guys’ women and most are pretty much heat. Lets do a girlfriend audit. We can also include ex’s and horror stories if you like. It’s a little childish and stupid but so is work.

Cravell, I agree entirely…

We are T-men, and as t-men we usually have pretty hot companions. This is the love of my life. Shaaaaaaaaaaron.

Don’t be jealous fellas…

Go to www.realdoll.com and take your pick. I own the complete set.

wow Brad I see you have taken the term ‘spreading the love’ to a new level.

Different strokes for differet folks i guess.

Gf wise, broke up recently so trying to forget it.

That’s what I wanted to see. My ex.

this is my girlfriend…

she likes long walks on the beach and is an avid movie buff. and she’s a kick ass bar-room-brawler.


… but i secretly think she has been dipping into my stash of roids.


and another thread bites the dust

dont hate because you go it alone


ahhhhhhhh what the hell, she’s an ex so I can’t get in TOO much trouble.


Since it’s your thread, why don’t YOU start?

Holy crap!

Dave, congrats!

I mean…er, well, better to have loved a hot chic and lost than to have loved a…uh, warpig and won?

Very nice.

OK, since Dave started!!

Here’s a pic of my two bitches.

theres mine. i look kind of pasty because i’m quite drunk i think, because i dont remember this picture being taken. I like her because she’s 6’ tall, which is a virtue when you’re 6’3" like me. And shes awesome.

dave… your a liar
your bitchin’ about not havin’ a woman.

that looks like a fine specimen to me.
even if an ex.


mr moose
nice dog, what kind is that?
heres my bitch:


Jaystyles, my problem is not in attracting them, the only women I have ever gone out with are, IMHO, quite stunning.
My problem, has always been that I can’t close the deal and they always detiorate from interested, to just friends. It’s completely my fault, I know this.

And yeah she is damn hot, but apparently I was too nice.


close the deal. it only takes 10 minutes.


11 minutes if you wear a rubber.


you can’t be a wussy, man.