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Girlfriends Workout

My girlfriend wants to tone up. Shes 130lbs/ 5’7 and does not workout at all. Is their a good beginning program out there she can start on. One that would help with exercise and her diet? Maybe a link to a good artical would be the most helpful.

Thank you all again for your help

Mike, first of all, the word “tone” in this forum provokes the same response as would sunlight to vampires. We scream “nooooooooo” and wither away. hee hee. Well, it IS a scary word. still giggling.

Okay, seriously - for a link to site with articles that would help you? You know, www.t-mag.com - right? Do a search for the following: How to Build a T-Vixen, Beginners Blast Off Program, Essential Berardi, The Diet Manifesto, Foods that Make You Look Good Nekkid, Heirarchy of Needs.

And now, Mike, my wee mantra: There is no such thing as programs that are gender specific. ONLY individual specific. What your GF means by "toning"? This: to gain LBM that will increase her basal metabolic rate therefore assisting her in eliminating that pesky fat and in the process creating a lean, mean, sexy machine. I hope this helps.

Read the “Making of a T-Vixen” article. That’ll set you on track.

Do a search.

read the FAQ read the FAQ read the FAQ
read the FAQ read the FAQ read the FAQ
read the FAQ read the FAQ read the FAQ

Thank You Patricia,
You have been very helpful. I should of known better then to post that dirty work (tone) here on this form. I have been floating around here long enough to know that :frowning:

But anyways thanks again for the helpful info. I did try the FAQ but was unsure of myself on what to get her started on.
And thank you char-dawg, I will check out that article as well.

Sometimes I read so much info on this site and others that I begin to think twice about what I really need to do.
If I am never sure, I just ask.

Thank You,
Mike C