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Girlfriend's PR

My girlfriend deadlifted 135 last night!

That’s pretty damn good considering she probably couldn’t have gotten 95 five weeks ago. She was on The Next Big Three (an amazing routine) for 5 weeks, and now she has switched to a 5x5 style routine.

Her next goal is a chin-up…

Nice job. Strong chicks kick ass.

Congrats! :slight_smile:

In all seriousness, can you take pictures of your girlfriend’s ass as she continues to get better at deadlifting? Then send them to me so I can hopefully convince mine to start DL’ing.

Good job!

Derek - I do have a few before pictures, but I don’t think they show the ass too well. But if personal testimony counts, I can tell you that just over the past 5 weeks the Deadlift-walks have made a huge difference.

Yeah, yeah Patman, me too…my uhhh, girlfriend, that’s it!, yeah “Girlfriend” wants to see them…

“I may be half stupid but I aint all stupid”

~ Pat Burns

That’s awesome!! :slight_smile:
And speaking from a girl perspective, it makes me feel pretty damn good to be able to lift like that…give your girl more than her share of applause :slight_smile:
One of my friends shared this gem with me: “You know you’re a girl who lifts when you have no problem telling people how much you weigh!”

She’s not catching up to your deadlift weight, is she? :D)

That is so awesome!!! The fact that you have a chick that worksout with you and workout HARD is great. You are one lucky bastard!!..haha.

I can deadlift 205 for 2 reps, and I’m 56. My husband still worships my ass, and we’ve been married 21 years. So tell your GF to keep pulling.


Well, I’ll tell ya, I’d better get my ass in gear because she’s progressing a hell of a lot faster than I ever have!


Wow, that’s awesome! I’m sure Kathie will be at that level some day soon.