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Girlfriend's EQ Cycle


I will put my GF in an EQ cycle running 50 or 60 mg a week, i have met women that running it at 100 or more had acne and hair grow but two that ran it at 75 did not.

I was wondering what are your input on this, 50 to 60 mg a week seems to be a good doses to avoid bad side effects and it should yield some decent muscular gains.

Primo depot and pills have been taken already in the past, but she wants to try boldenone i was just wondering if the low doses are safe(r) of side effects since i really like her voice to remain feminine.


EQ is "safe" for women to run, I would not go anywhere NEAR 100.

Remember any fuckups on cycle and the damage is permanent, men can rebound back from most little screw ups, women never can.

I would say 50 mg/week is a good dose, EQ is rarely faked, but I would rather spend more and get really good, reputable shit for her.

With women this game is so much harder with a guy you just shoot it up and hope for the best.

With a girl you have to be careful and methodical, it always freaks me out trying to regulate cycles for chicks, no matter what they wanna run.

Personally I like to give them anavar, its almost safe, especially if you run it correctly.

100 mg/week is considered max dose for women, I would start at say 30-40 and see what it does, then if that goes alright hit 50.

Go as low as you can, it has almost no bad effects at very low levels, higher and your looking at a new boyfriend.


I made sure her stuff was reputable, her bottle came first than mine :frowning: so i know is good old EQ or "Boldenone por favor" ahh got to love my mexican pharmacy.

Funny you should Westclock it freaks me out too, when she ran primo i almost piss on my pants the first few weeks but then when i saw she tolerated it well it was all good.

Uhmms since i am competing in a sport i took the Var... but maybe we can switch chemicals.

1) When comparing what she can gain from EQ ran at 50 weekly for let's say 10 to 15 weeks Vs anavar at 60 or 80 mg ran for 4 to 5 weeks how would they compare?

I know because of the time (10 weeks s 5) it is not a fair comparison but for 100 pills of 25 mg is almost as much as 2 Eqs.

2) Once we pass the gains vs gains comparison what can she expect from anavar vs EQ?

3) Since it is safer, and i know it works (i love Var) how can i make her switch her mind? REason being she saw EQ results on me and she fell in love twice with me...

OK, sorry westclock for all the questions, keep in mind we're going to get marry soon so extra pressure is added in my shoulders so if i have to muster the money for 400 pills of var i sure will!


Edit: Oh yeah uhmm the Var that i can get know it is not reputable...and i am having a hard time finding one that it is, so i can make sure the EQ is EQ but the Var is tricky unless of course i take some to assess the reults :stuck_out_tongue: which i would not mind but that is another thing i am considering when deciding.



If you dont have a reliable source for Var then forget about it for her.

Var is probably the most faked stuff out there.

If youve got human grade boldenone I would recommend that over unreliable underground lab anavar.

could be anything in those tabs.

Atleast with the boldenone you know exactly what your getting.

in regards to reputable anavar use:

Id start her at 10 a day (usually half a pill), then move up to a MAX of 40 a day.

Personally I would not give her over 20 a day, anything more is just unnecessary.

Women love var, and at 20 a day its going to give amazing gains, sex drive sky high, strength, recovery, everything.

Var has a pretty short half life, splitting the 20 up into 3 doses would be ideal.

Most only split it into 2, 10mgs and 10 mgs spaced 8-10 hours apart.

no longer than 10 weeks, Id say 7-8 would be ideal.

But listen, poke around on other boards, research EQ and Anavar cycles for chicks, Im telling you this from very limited experience and what I have read.

(I hate running chick cycles, I could not forgive myself if I hurt them)

You should by no means take my word as anything more than a recommendation.


I highly recomend that you refrain from using equipoise.
First off as has been said, if for some reason the dose is too potent and begins causing noticeable masculinizing effects, there will be nothing you can do to reverse them - aside from possibly trying spironolactone, which is an androgen blocker.

Orals will always be safer as they are in and out of the system much faster.

If anavar has been tried, and you are looking for something more, you could try stanozolol, or a combo of the two. Doses are much easier titrated, as if for say masculinizing sides begin, the dose can be lowered immediately, where as you are pretty much screwed with an injectable depot - particularly equipoise.

That being said, 75mg is a low dose.


I am having a hard time finding reliable Var, last time i checked someone wanted to sell me 25 mg Var by british dragon and then i though uhmm i have not seen 25mg EVER...

I do not want to risk not having a reliable source, however boldenone is reliable i myself went to the Farmacia and checked and double checked.

Now with this being said she ran a cycle a while back before we met, an injectable... uhmm i do not remember the name but i do know she got acne and her voice change a little... But i do know she was stacking and following a bad body building advise.

Now with me she ran 25 and 40 mg doses of anavar safely and she liked it, but i ran a EQ, VAR, Test cycle and she liked the results more on that.

I tried to persuade her but point is i cannot get Var that seems good so i risk more than gicing her something i know is good.

Now i can do several things

1) give her 25mg and wait 2 weeks then inject again and see if she has any bad sides, consequantly increasing dosis to 50 mg

2) Give her 25mg, wait 10 days then give her another 25 to see the sides and accordingly increase to 50 mg or stay at 25.

3)Give her 25 mg every 7 days and hope for the best...then if the best happens increase to 50, if not i guess i have more EQ..

What do you guys think?


Personally, I would get reputable anavar or not give her anything.

But I get the feeling thats shes not going to like that.

shes hung up on EQ because she likes what your cycle did, shes forgetting you ran test as well, big difference between an EQ cycle and an EQ + Test cycle.

Shes not going to get the same results you did, not even close.

Youve got human grade EQ, just be extremely cautious.

Thing is, they are not going to "overdose" your EQ ml for ml that would be unlikely.

Just be Extremely methodical when you measure, check and triple check.

Go ahead and give her 25 see what it does.
Make sure she knows what to look for, so she can tell you right away.

I really dont think 25-50 is going to hurt her, but it never hurts to be safe.


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I have zero experience advising girls on cycles but I agree with what these guys have said about EQ being risky because of the long ester.

If you are gonna do it definitely err on the side of caution and start super low.

I would think deca a better option than EQ because results would be better and it has less adgrogenic sides. if you are near the mexican boarder then you should be able to find human grade deca. NPP would be even better because it would clear fast, you could maybe start with that to gauge what her response would be like to nandrolone before shooting a long ester that could fuck her up.


If you do end up using this, I would love to hear the results... but don't give her a ring before you see the results :wink: ( I hope for the best though) good luck


How, in general do these things affect menstrual cycles and mood?


Menstruation, no idea, I never asked.

Mood, they are happy, and horny all the time.

Girls on gear is a win:win situation for guys. They get hotter, and they want it more.

I would be more interested in how the pill affects gear usage.

mixing hormonal products cant be a great plan.

Ive never run a cycle for a girl currently on the pill before, I would think it would have ill effects.

Anyone have any experience with this ?


Thanks guys Westlock well you are right she is not going to like it, even worse i am working hard to get reputable Var, i know i can increase the dosis and get better safer results with it but at this moment no luck... which leads me to believe she's hexing my master plan here.

I do not think 25 or 50 mg would hurt her, but if it comes down to it i will have to be very methodical about the whole ordeal.

Right now i am running Primo and Test, but i had known first hand primo has worse side effects on women, i know 5 that had messed themselves up running it low, EQ i know only 1.

But besides anavar which other injectables would you recommend? I mean is not like there are tons of info out there about women and steroids and worse of all all my endo and physio books skipped through it and my med school books seems like a exorcism ritual from the 1920 "Roids will cause death" type deal.


Youd be better off on a women's steroid board.

Either hardcore figure or bodybuilding.


You mention Spironolactone prisoner, would you say that this might be a compulsory "on-hand" drug for female AAS users? Much like an AI is for the males..