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Girlfriend's diet

My girlfriend has really gotten into lifting weights the past few months. Although her diet has changed considerably, she is still having trouble eating enough quality foods as she has had some eating disorders in the past. Although she has been eating quality foods, and been following massive eating principles (p+c,p+f), she is only eating about half the calories she should be eating. She basically is scared of becoming obsessive in any way with her diet, as this is what led her to anorexia in the first place. She started on the Atkins diet four years ago and ended up being anorexic for a year. The following year, she became a compulsive binge eater which led to bulimia the next year. She saw counselors, doctors, etc., and for the last year she has been trying to recover. It’s a daily struggle for her to eat the right foods and sufficient calories. She has made some serious strides, but mentally she still has a hard time. We have an awesome relationship, and I would like any advice anyone can give to help give encouragement. Any opinions, personal experiences, and thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I realize that with an eating disorder, it can be a long process in recovery, but I just want to be able to help her in any way I can.

I think bodybuilding is one of the best cures for eating disorders. It’s one sport where eating correctly is over half the battle. I suggest you find some daily diets of other fitness and bodybuilding women with great physiques and give her something to shoot for. Make sure she knows her results will be compromised with improper eating. It seems a lot of top female competitors in both fitness and bodybuilding have had eating disorders prior to getting involved.

I’m trying to think of what to say to you. I have been surounded by anorexia and bulimia for most of my life and have watched a girlfriend admited to hospital for fear of her heart stopping due to the severity of her anorexia. And it seams that there is nothing you can say to them. It’s important that she be surounded by " healthy" and happy people. She needs to see that extra pounds don’t mean failure. What’s the gym you go to like? What are the women like? Too thin? Materialistic? Try a gym with athletes that might inspire her. Maybe even taking on a sport. Weight training gives a person power but let me tell you that I started training to better control my weight and to loose more. It’s a deep issue and that deals with her comfort level about her own body perception. Nothing you can say will do it for her. Another good idea is to keep feeding her information about nutrition and the effect of under eating on your metabolism. Focus on the fact that it slows down your metabolism and can cause you to loose muscle over fat. Don’t give her articles about anorexia- she’ll completly dismiss them. Good luck!

being obsessive about anything is not good and your girl seems to have a history of this, if you make her training seem ALLIMPORTANT she may start to feel that way also (she does have a predisposition) is one obsesion better than another maybe, but who is healthier a “female” probodybuilder or a balemic? I realy can not say for sure. point is be happy with her progress so far and encourage her but NEVER push her (which I am sure would never be your intention but you have to think how SHE may take it) I just don’t think most dissorders (eating or otherwise) are realy about the disorder ( in her case eating) they are about LARGER issues, even if she is better now encourage her to continue to seek help. if you harp on her diet too much she WILL become obsesive about it again, one way or another