I’m with you, brother. Let’s go help Blake out and kick this guy’s ass. :slight_smile:

“gangsta ass niggas don’t flex nuts cause gangsta ass niggas know they got nuts.” - Thats one of the few things I remember from office space.
As much as some people want to talk about how tough and testosterone laden they are for their willingness to fight, it just means you can’t get over it. One of the first rules of most martial arts is DONT FIGHT UNLESS ITS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY (unless its for tournament stuff…). Is it absolutely necessary to fight in this situation? No…
I remember a couple years ago someone picked up a friend of mine by the neck, and my little brother grabbed the guy and threw him across a couple of tables in a public place. He said afterwards his hands were shaking and he hated doing it, but he felt it was necessary. See the difference? One is a threat, the other is just someone trying to make themselves feel good about themselves… In reality getting into fights because you feel insulted is sort of ‘non testosterone’ - more of a PMSy behavior.
Comparing it to the US’s independence and terrorism is really lame. Both are situations where if you don’t respond its potentially threatening to your life and your rights… one is a girl who dicked a guy over, big time.

Thanx again everyone. When i confronted her about cheating AGAIN…i actually convinced her to bring me over to his house. I tied my shoes and put my watch in my pocket…I was going to war, luckily for me i had just taken 400mg of caffeine so i could stay awake about an hour earlier. I was ready to completely fuck this guys face up. Luckily for this asshole he wasn’t home…that’s ok though i now know where he lives…paybacks a bitch.
By the way i’m 18 and my girl just turned 17 last may…this guy is 22

Dude, if she took you to where he lives, she is getting off on this.

You may want to slow down a little bit there, buddy. Showing up at the guys house to kick his ass can bring you a whole host of legal troubles. What I find a little bit amusing is the fact that everyone is blaming this other guy. Yeah, yeah, yeah, there’s this “guy code” which states that a real man doesn’t go after another mans girl, but it happens all the time. Why the hell aren’t you more angry with HER? It never fails, somoeone in a relationship starts cheating, and their boyfriend/girlfriend goes after the interloper. Does this guy even know about you? Let me guess, she told you that she told him, right? Do you believe her on this after she led you all over the place with her other lies? I’ve been accosted in the past by irate boyfriends wanting to kick my ass for stealing their girl, and I’m looking at the girl and saying “Who is this idiot?” Amazing what women will make us do. As pissed as you may be at this guy, SHE is the one who chose to start cheating on you with him.

She’s playing you like a fiddle bro. Get out now. Don’t fight. That’s retarded. That’s also blaming the other guy when your girl is the main one at fault. We do that to make ourselves feel better, less cheated and shit on, but it’s only deluding ourselves. Blame her and get out. Have some dignity.

Those telling you to fight must be about as mature as your ex-girlfriend, maybe less. It’s not about being tough, it’s about being man enough to know when you’re being led around by your dick. The relationship is over. Deal with it like a man and get out. Trust me on this. I’ve been there. You’ll laugh about this one day and wonder why you ever allowed yourself to get so emotional over her. God, you’re just a kid. She’s 17 herself. Move on.

This is not a dick measuring contest between you and the other guy. Stay involved with some kind of hurt pupppy, false sense of hope and you’ll continue to be played. Tell me, did you lose your virginity to this girl? That’s could make it worse, especially since you seem like a good guy, but the reality is the same: it’s over. There is no hope. If she “picks” you you’ll still never forgive her or trust her again. You’ll be miserable. And when you meet a really cool woman some day (not a girl, but a WOMAN) you’ll realize this for yourself.

Right on, franks. You hit it right on the head. And, once again, Dublin shows us the horrible side effects of what happens when one is molested by their step father as a child.

JRC, are you putting your own past/fantasies on me again? For those who aren’t aware, he’s accused me of being molested because I advocate having sex with multiple FEMALE partners. OBVIOUSLY, I must have some deep rooted childhood trauma to enjoy fucking more than one woman, right?

Apparently, you all have accepted the spoon-fed bullshit your mothers and other estrogen-laden people have fed you. Violence doesn't solve anything? Violence is the ultimate solution to any problem. Now, I don't go around advocating murder and torture, but I sure as hell advocate standing up for myself and not taking any shit from anyone.

I have a theory here. My guess is that many of you "take it like a man" posters are so anti-violence because, well, you're pussies. Severe cases of vaginitis. Maybe you're not physically able to kick someone's ass, or to even defend yourselves. Or perhaps you're simply too paralyzed by fear to do so.

So let me ask you: What would YOU do if some guy fucked your wife? Just calmly accept it? Pretend nothing happened? If so, then may I ask you to send me photos of your wife, and if she's my type, I'll ask you for your addresses.

Maybe this guy doesn't know that Blake exists. Doesn't matter. He's a 22 year old sleazeball using cheap lines to get 17 year old pussy. SOMEONE needs to hand this guy his ass. Oh, but that's childish and immature.

Instead, Blake (or whoever has ever had similar problems) should just kick back and know he's a good person, right? I'm sorry - I didn't know I was posting on the forum for The View or the Oxygen network.

Testosterone, for those of you who don't know or have forgotten, is the chemical responsible for (among other things) aggressive behavior among males. Silly me, assuming a Testosterone forum would be full of guys who don't just bend over, grab their ankles, and invite life to do with them what it will.

Obviously, Blake's girl is a sick, twisted bitch and is playing both of these guys. Hence, my "jam it in her ass" response. I still stand by this.

I just find it incredibly ironic that so many of you who spend your lives training to become the ultimate hardbodied badass are such pussies about everything other than your training.

The only plus to all of this is that because of limpwristed pantywaists like some of you, there's a lot less competition out there for guys like me in the world.

Jack, based on your posts here on the forum, you know as much about being a man as you do about training and nutrition i.e. not much. You give testosterone a bad name, kid.

Blak e why are you wasting your time trtying to beat that guy up,move on with your life,it is really stupid to fight over this,the girl is palying you,she’s using you.Don’t gbe stupid preserve your pride and get out of this situation.Fighting the guy does no good,it is also your girls fault more then the guys,women chose the man most of the time,not the other way around.Jack Dublin is either joking or his a morron.Fightign everyone who crosees your path has to do more with problems in the brain,then having testosteroen and being a man.A man has self control,and doesn’t act on every impulse.Jacks problems are more of the I have brain damage sort.In my pyschology textbook their is a story of a guy who was a railroad foreman who had a pole blown through his head because of an explosion.The guy survived,but the brain damge by the pole sadly turned him into a jerk who cursed all the time,who couldn’t controll himself"A child in his intellectual capacity and manifestations,he has the animal passions of a strong man"Kind of like Jack Dublin,a total voilent buffoon.Before the accident he was a good worker,bussinees like,and very energetic,and was considred a well balanced person.See want to kick everyones ass all tyhe time over stupoid shit has to do with having brain damage like Jack dublin.Seroiuly I am giving you could advice break up with the girl and do not fight this guy.If you don’t want to listen to me and really want to make a fool of yourslef go ahead and fight him but you would be making a seroius mistake,and the last thing you would be acting like was a man.

You are so being played by your girlfreind,while you are all upsett she is laughing her ass off,while you are trying to fight the guy.She is enjoying manupilating you,she probally gets off on the fact that you are her bitch,and she can fuck with your feelings.For god sakes get the fuck out of this relationship and put it all behind you as soon as possible,it is going nowhere and is jsut a waste of time,and drag on your life.

So, then, T, what is a man? What am I so lacking in? I genuinely hope you’ll give me a genuine answer, and not some cop-out “you wouldn’t understand” answer.

It's funny: We all list hardcore badasses as those we admire and look up to, both in real life and in fiction. Yet when someone actually ACTS like one of those listed heroes, they're doing something "wrong".

And by the way, testosterone isn't some magical substance that brings honor, peace, and well-being to those who posess it. It's that same substance that makes your blood boil, your dick hard, and gives you the desire to conquer the world. The problem isn't that I'm not a man - it's that I'm too much of a man for these civlized and politically correct times of ours. What I wouldn't give to have been around in gladiator times....

I have no desire to argue pointlessly with you Jack. It’s not like either of us are going to change our minds, and Blake needs advice, not someone to hijack his thread.

Blake, good luck, buddy. You’ll make the right decision if you think about it.

Blake asked what would make him feel better.

Kicking the guys ass would make him feel better; that's never been debated. What has been debated is whether or not he should do it. It's his call.

No hard feelings to you or anyone else. At the end of the day, we're all here because we share the same interest in improving our bodies. As far as I'm concerned, anyone here can't be all bad - even if they think I'm some jacked-up psycho with an extra Y chromosome. ;)

Dublin, that was a phenomenal response. Now, I have a phenomenal idea and then a legitmate question for you. My phenomenal idea is that I show you how much of a “pussy” I am. If you have the balls to tell me what city you live in, I’ll talk to my promoters and we’ll see about arranging a cage match between the two of us. I’ll be more than happy to show you what six years of Gracie-style jiu-jitsu/vale tudo, boxing, and Muy Thai can do to a real testosterone-laced man such as yourself. However, if you beat me (yeah right), I’ll shake your hand and walk away with no ill feelings. Hell, maybe we can even get TC to post some pictures of the fight in the Reader Mail section. Anyway, you let me know. On a side note, I’m legitmately curious as to why you advocate extra-marital sex (whether it’s with females or not). A friend of mine and his wife started messing around with a second woman in bed and it led to the wife thinking it was OK to go out and get extra dick because she cliamed she couldn’t see the difference between banging another girl and another guy (and yes, this chic had a fucked up past). It doesn’t mean that your wife would necessarily do that, but to me it seems like it defeats the whole purpose of marriage. Peace out, homes.

Okay, I’ve read this thread for the last few days, and it’s getting a bit out of hand. Sure, life can be a big shit sandwich, and Blake has just been forced to take a big bite.

Blake, the only reason you would want to go over to this guy’s house is to ask him one question: “She did this to me with you. What makes you think she won’t do it to you with some one else?” Preferably ask this when she’s standing there. Then leave, shake the dust off your feet, and walk away knowing you did right.

I say we get together and kick everyone’s ass. Nah, really. Someone just remimded me of some good advice though. Blake, IF you are going to fight this guy, be sure you can take him… getting smacked around in front of this girl will not help things. Especially if you start the fight. Also, dude, I think she’s definately getting some kicks outta’ this. Like someone said, stick it in her ass, then kick the bitch out! Also, I have an extra Y chromosome… I’ll gladly lend it out to the more meek amongst us.

JRC, that sounds like an absolutely great idea. As it turns out, I’m actually training to become a professional fighter myself - I pulled a Tyler Durden and gave up my corporate career because I tired of the bullshit and the fact I couldn’t just kick the shit out of the people who pissed me off.

Let me ask you a couple of questions: First, how big are you, height and weight wise?

Second, since you've got six years on me, will you give me say, until January to train? I'd be up for it by then, and I'd even be willing to come to you, if you're nowhere near Dallas.

Why do I advocate extramartial sex? Because I like getting it on with multiple girls, silly. My wife likes other chicks, and has since before we got together. Finding a bisexual chick was one of the most important requirements I had in a wife. Your ideas of marriage are probably different than mine. I'll admit that not everyone who believes in a committed relationship is a pussy. I just truly can't understand WHY a guy wouldn't want fresh meat. Guess it's that whole high T count thing...

Anyway, I'm not kidding about meeting you for a fight - I'd love to. I hopefully don't have to tell you about the adrenaline rush a good fight gives you. Better than sex, in my opinion.

Oh, one more thing: Why is it I’m a psychopath when I try and provoke a guy into fighting me, but you’re not when you do pretty much the same thing to me, and I didn’t even do anything as heinous as fuck your woman? Just curious.

Hmmmm, let’s see if I can answer these one by one. First, although my weight does flucuate, I generally fight in the 174-187 class (and I’m 5’10"). I’m going cut back to training (fighting) only two or three days a week so I can do a few Mag-10 cycles and hopefully move up to the 188-205 class. Just to let you know, if you’re a heavy guy, I have no problem fighting outside my weight class as long as it’s within reason. Second, since you say that I’ve got six years on you, did you literally just start fighting? If this is the case, I’m sorry, but I’d refuse to fight you; I won’t step into the ring or cage with someone unless I know their backround and know that they have the ability to beat me. To me, there’s no point in fighting if I think I’ll walk right through someone. This doesn’t mean that I think that I’d kill you, but I have to be a bit skeptical of someone that I have six years on. Third, and unfortunately, I’m not exactly close to you (I’m from Denver but I’ll be moving to Michigan for law school very soon). BTW, since you’re from Dallas, if you haven’t done so or are doing so already, I highly recommend that you check out the Machado brothers for your ground work (grappling/jiu-jitsu). I know that they have at least one school somewhere in Dallas. IMO, them and Gracies (my boys) are the best at ground fighting. But, if you really are willing to come to Michigan, let me know. I don’t have or know any of the promoters out there yet, but as you know if you’ve ever fought before, it’ll be up to them and not me on whether or not you and I fight (and when and where). This is getting long so I’ll wrap this up. Just to let you know, ALL of my previous posts were at least attempted to be in good humor. Regarding you and Mrs. Dublin, if that’s what you’re in to and your marriage is still happy, more power to you (it’s not like it’s any of my business anyway). To me, snatch is snatch. After bagging my first few girls, it’s just not a big deal to me anymore. If and when I do ever get married, I would certainly hope that it would remain monogamous. But, I could be full of shit. Maybe after 10 years of marriage, I’ll get bored and try the same thing. And finally, I never said you were a psychopath for wanting to kill a guy for fucking your wife/girlfriend. I just say that it’s the girl you should have the beef with, not the guy. Anyway, if we never cross paths, best of luck in your fighting. “Train hard and the fight will be easy. Train easy and the fight will be hard.”