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heres the deal,i found out from a couple of friends/aquaintances that my recent girlfriend of about 2 weeks don’t really like me, she just wants to get with me. should i just wait and see what happens or get rid of her?

Hump her and dump her!

Fuck her and chuck her!

if she is hott i would screw her. be a man. have fun screw her brains out. if u like her well then dont. or u could screw then dump her maybe she would want some more and try to get u.

nah, just Dump her

dont let yourself be used. She evidently has no respect for you, Id be pissed off, you have your dignity too.


and how did your acqquantantces find this out? question everyone, question everything. Getcha some, and play it by ear.

First, how can you even acknowledge her as your girlfriend when you have only known her for two weeks & secondly what kind of real man listens to his friends above his natural instincts? AND thirdly if you have found someone who only wants to “get with you” what is your complaint??? Hit it and quit it!

If u need brains then she prolly a genius

Yeah, J, I feel for you. I HATE it when women only want me for my body. (Actually, in my case it’s that they just can’t keep their hands off my ass.) It’s just soooooo tiring. But, hey, when you’re a Greek God what can you do? Bitches wantin’ to get wit you ‘n’ shit…I say, move to Alaska and be done wit 'em.

Why can’t I have problems like this? :slight_smile:

Smash her then trash her.

I’ll bet your “Friends / Aquaintances” are Dudes! I would be questioning their motives in supplying you with this information…?
Did you seek this information from them?? or was it just supplied free of charge…??

Nothing is free ! Ask her, you have nothing to lose except a chick that may not like you, or a couple of shi* friends trying to move in on your action!

  1. How do they know this?
  2. Why do they know this?
  3. Why are you allowing yourself to get emotionally attached to a woman so soon in the relationship, are you -trying- to become her puppy dog bitch?
  4. Most women aren’t worth the hassle, is this one?
  5. You need to give more detailed information.
  6. I am not spellchecking for this posting.
  7. “Smash her then trash her” is the most interesting thing I’ve read all week.

Hmmm…is there a connection here to the “Sex and Society” posts? :wink:

Dude, if she just wants to use you for your body, here’s your chance to try out all the things you wanted to try out on other chicks but you cared if they thought you were just using them. One phrase: Back-door action.

Lick her, stick her and kick her (out)!

kick the btch to the fckin curb man. shes a whore shes probably been touched by half the state. my question is do you want to go where the milkman has gone?