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Girlfriend turning into boyfriend?

I think I might have screwed up. I’ve been putting Winny powder in my girlfriends protein drinks to help increase her libido. It seems to have worked since we have sex more often and she enjoys it more. But, recently I’ve noticed that her voice has gotten a little deeper and her clit seems a little larger (at least visually – I didn’t take any measurements). The bad thing is she doesn’t know that I’ve been doing this. Now I don’t know what to do…should I come clean and tell her or just stop the hidden Winny treatments and hope everything returns to normal.

Sorry dude but you’re a low bastard, and if you have any self respect you’ll come clean right away.

I don’t Winny is virilizing(your probably paranoid),however i could be wrong.With all that aside your a scumbag and i hope the Winny has given your girlfriend enough strengh to punk your ass.

I wouldn’t tell her, If she freaks you might end up doing some time in prison. Just stop giving it to her if you have doubts about it.

smooth move, douche bag. tell her right away, and pray she doesn’t lop your johnson off.


Norm, how do you feel about her? If you really care for her, you have two options. You can tell her what you did and beg her forgiveness. Maybe that will open up the way for you guys to discuss ways of enjoying sex together without resorting to drugs. Another option is to not tell her and swear to yourself that you would never treat another person that way, and that you will be good to her from now on. If you don’t feel that deeply about her, it’s time to break up. If you need to spike her drink in order for her to be suitable for you, then you shouldn’t be with her. And you should apologize to her for what you did, in that case.

Not only are you a dumb dick but I bet a crafty prosecutor could charge you with date rape ala guys using GHB, etc…on women. Don’t expect me to bring your ass a care package in jail.

Thanks everyone for the advice, especially Hyok. I’m still not sure what I’m going to do but I’ve definitely learned from my mistakes. Next time I put anything in my girl’s protein drink without telling her I’m going to find out if there are any potential side effects first.

First I must say something: YOU JADED FUCK. OK, I feel better now. There’s nothing I can say that hasn’t already been said but I can reinforce it. All steroids are viralizing to an extent; it just takes a large enough amount. You need to sit down with her and have a good talk about what she’s been unknowingly taking, your sex life, and your intentions behind putting the winny in her shakes. Be truthful. If she cares about you and understands fully what you’ve done then she may only give you a swift kick in the nuts and and no ass for a while.

“Next time I put anything in my girl’s protein drink without telling her I’m going to find out if there are any potential side effects first.” Is this guy a complete fucking moron or what? Didn’t you get the message behind these replies to your post? If you give a shit about someone, you shouldn’t be slipping any drugs in their shakes REGARDLESS if you feel they’re safe or not!!!

what a sick bastard you are! it never occured to you to ask her first?

You are a major Fuck Up mate.
What sort of cocksucker spikes his girls drink? Low mutherfucker.
If you were any good in the sack, you shouldn’t need to “spike” her drinks to get her to “want some” or “enjoy” it.
You are even lower then those pricks who spike drinks in bars, because you did it to someone you know, and I would assume care at least a little about.
I believe in Pro Choice when it comes to drugs, but think it is some really low shit to give drugs to people who are totally unaware.
You didn’t even have to the decency to look into the side effects it might have on her. ANYONE with half a brain knows that most steroids have a virilizing effect on women.
Fuck I hope you tell her, and I hope shes gets one bad mother to do some permanent damage on your sorry ass. Afterall thats what you have done to her.

Hey, lighten up guys it’s not like I permanently damaged her or anything. Actually I think her voice sounds sexier now and what so bad about enjoying sex more. Anyway I’ve decided to tell her about it tonight and see what happens. Wish me luck.

Maybe her libido is low because of YOU an ASSHOLE who drugs her without her consent, and it sounds like you would easily do it again. Sounds like you need to work on yourself, starting with therapy, if you don’t end up in jail first. STOP drugging her! I seriously doubt you have the balls to confess.

Did my eyes play a trick on me? or did norm b respond by saying “the next time i put some thing in my girlfriends drink without telling her.” Dude you are quite possibly the most inconsiderate,low-brow, austolinpithesin,cromagnon,hunter-gatherer,dumb-ass motherfucker I’ve ever even heard of. Congratulations I work in the bar business so i’ve seen some, but you win.A life form lower than the bacteria that breaks down the dog shit in my back yard.I hope you go to prison and get gang raped.

Did you have parents? I can’t imagine anyone raising someone so devoid of values! On one hand, you’re a collosal loser/criminal. Or you’re just putting us on in which case you’re just a no account loser. Either way, guess what? You win the loser of the year award.
Crawl back under your rock!

Good luck, Norm. I do have to say that some of the stuff you’re writing (slip of the finger perhaps?) seem to reflect a shortcoming in understanding the gravity of what you did. If you tell your girlfriend tonight I’m sure she’ll educate you on that. I guess you knew you were going to get attacked like this. If you’re bleeding and you jump in a river full of piranhas, you know what happens. Not that I’m saying the rest of you guys who chimed in are piranhas per se, but it seemed like most wanted to get an ego boost by casting a stone, rather than genuininely help the situation get better.

Don’t tell her. It’s only gonna get you in trouble. I would stop putting Winstrol in her drinks though. That’s not very cool. Rule #1 when you do bad things is not to confess them to your girlfriend. Telling her that you are sleeping with the babysitter, have the hots for her mom, or are putting steroids in her drinks is NOT GOING TO HELP THE RELATIONSHIP. Keep your mouth shut and don’t be foolish, steroids aren’t good for chicks anyway.

Good luck Norm? What is this Oprah? There comes a time when people need to cast a stone. And if you’re lucky, it will hit him in the head! Nobody has to understand the perpetrator. When a serious offense (which this is) happens, people SHOULD act swiftly and surely. We’re not here to hug trees, and more people that tell it like it is can only be helpful to potential victims, like this bonehead’s poor girlfreind. We ablosutly cannot allow this type of behavior…Just another ego boost, whoa.