Girlfriend too big

To Thad: Dude, it’s sounds like your wife is depressed if all she does is eat junk in front of the telly; sounds like self-medication via food, which is how a lot of women “cope” with depression. I’m sure you calling her a whale does wonders for her self-esteem,too; you could well be a factor in her depression. Get her to a shrink or at least to your family doctor.

I appreciate the compassion for her, but Jabba the Hut doesn’t have any one else to blame but herself. She wonders why I sleep around. I told her that hey if she’s going to come to bed smelling like a bag of pork rinds and double fudge chunk, wearing an omar the tent maker moo-moo for lingerie, she can sleep on the couch. As a T-man I feel it is my right to demand her to conform to my expectations. I’m letting her read this and responses too my posts so she might learn something from real women…like them fine ass T-hotties on this forum.

To LT: Dude, like it or not, you are a troll. I mean think about it … the post is rude, purely negative and goes nowhere. Were you sure the comments werent intended to be humourous or exxagerated in that context? Youve gone off half cocked with a serious and derogatory prognosis based on one post. Is it that hard to see that the oversensitivity, militant snag ness and bitchyness of the post more than a little bit to effeminette for a board called “testosterone”. Plus thats your only post on the page unless you are cowering behind a new sig which means your contributing nothing. To you and the other trolls - get rid of the bitchy troll style and make a positive contribution or fuck off to the Body for Life board or the PMS/PMT board.

Also, kill your television.

I knew the real T-men would know what I’m talking about…Thanks Dre.

I used to be a 210lb fat wife. I lost the weight and now I’m a hottie (so my husband says). The thing that shows my husband’s character is that he loved me no matter what. You are showing your character too . . .

I AINT AGREEING WITH ANYONE’S VIEW HERE THAD. Ive just had it with every ignorant fuck trolling and passing negative judgments about others. Its not anyones place to do that here but judge others unnecessarily (wrongly or otherwise) and you will end up judged.

Yeah, but you wanted to lose the weight and did, right? At some point you threw away the moon pies, twinkies, and ding-dongs, and got into the gym. That’s a T-vixen. I think if she read some of your posts ole walrus ass might put down her bucket of drumsticks and pick up a weight. Damn, it’s like today, I come home and she’s sitting there eating a fried egg yolk sandwich with Mayo. I’ve just had it, she hasn’t even tried. I gave her an ultimatum either lose 300 and something pounds or I’m going to have a crane come drag her out to seaworld where the children can watch men ride on her nose for fish treats. Well, she’s got dinner cooked so I better get my grub before she inhales it all. Thanks for the support. Peace!

Oh yeah dre, make you’re little forum political statements on someone else’s time. This is my post and I’m trying to get some answers. I didn’t want to hear some grown man crying about trolls!

What’s that? Thad, you bitch about her eating, and then let her cook for you? Do all of us who have to deal with the gene pool a favor and stop pissing in it! I genuinely hope this is all some one’s sick idea of a joke.

Actually, Thad, I thought that Dre showed great retraint in his comments, while poignently clarifying his message. It’s not about forum censorship or post guidlines, the actuality of the situation is self-control and the ability to sit there in your chair while spewing some linguistic vomit onto a post and say to yourself “Is this neccessary? Should I be posting this particular item?” Seriously, consider our new forum mantra: “W.W.T.M.D”? Lata.

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Thad - I’ve read your posts with horror. You aren’t much of T-man in my dictionary if that’s how you treat your wife. I agree that she is probably depressed and no doubt because of having to live with your sorry ass. You cannot bully someone into changing their lifestyle. She must do it for herself and no one else including you. If you really took a hard look at yourself you would realize that your attitude probably has a lot to do with her self esteem and weight problem. Maybe if she left you she could get up the courage to do something about her lifestyle.

Thad I hope this is not your wife and only your girlfriend because you are the most uncompassionate selfish person I have ever heard. Hopefully there are no kids involved in this relationship because I feel would feel sorry for them too.

Hey, if you ditch the loser, you might have the desire to lose weight, you know, to find a worthwhile lover. Nothing motivates better than the desire to look good naked (for someone worth the trouble). My husband was worth the trouble.

Thad get help. You not her. Get some help. If you need to trash her like that for you to feel better you need help maybe then you will be of some assistance to her.

I’m very dissapointed in this forum. If ya’ll don’t care that she probably has a gallon of crisco lodged in her heart or that her legs look like bean bags with feet, fine. Do you people know how embarrassing it is to have a wife that has more chins than a chinese phone book. She won’t leave me ironbroad, she knows noone else besides me can afford all the fabric it takes to cloth her, not to mention the grocery cart of food it takes to feed her porculent self. Free Willy indeed!

Thad – I think you’re missing a few points here, especially about human (and especially female) psychology. Put downs, even if they’re meant for negative motivation, don’t work. The subconscious mind believes everything it hears, whether a joke or not. Telling her she’s fat, true or not, just reinforces that fact and tells her she always will be fat. Basically you’ve made this woman your verbal punching bag (bet you feel pretty good about yourself, huh?). If you love this woman (and from your posts it sounds like you don’t, but I may be wrong), you will do what works, and not what vents your frustrations. Buck up, T-man. Do THE RIGHT THING. If you’re not willing, then do her a favor and let her leave you. You let this happen by not stemming the tide a long time ago, so it is your responsibility to fix it. Women want two things – 1) To know that they are the most important thing to you, and they want to hear it 10,000 times a minute; and 2) Security, financial and emotional. If you mess with either of those, you have a long uphill battle repairing it. Get busy.

Hey Thad I’ve had enough. Let’s meet, you need to be taught some manners pal!

Glad you noticed I am a “grown man” Thad - it comes once ones “Testosterone” has scared away the more effeminate, goofy and immature behavioral traits. I think others are missing the sarcasm in your posts … IF THE QUESTION IS GENUINE the simplest answer would be to (a) Search the forum for dont diet and understand it and use Massive Eating in the mag to determine her calorie requirements THEN subtract 15-20% and have her eat meals as per the massive eating plan (b) start her off on some light cardio by going for walks with her. Get back to us on this topic once this has been done and not before.

Dre-haven’t done it yet, and I’m back already.
NaturalMan, haha, it’s on brother. I don’t know how you got ahold of me, but I’ll see you there. You’ll recognize me as the guy standing over you with my foot on your neck.