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Girlfriend Starting to Lift

My girlfriend is going to start lifting next week.
She will workout twice a week.
I don’t know exactly how to structure her workouts.
She aims to develope what would be considered an aesthetic and sexy physique by most: bigger butt but not huge legs, toned upper body.
Now, I don’t know much about lifting for females but anyway here’s my idea, feel free to tell me it sucks if it does :slight_smile: and please propose something else :slight_smile:

3-4x6-10 reverse hack squat
3-4x6-10 Rdls
2-3x10-15 hip thrusts
3-4x6-10 bench press
3-4x6-10 rows
2-3x10-15 side raise

3-4x6-10 reverse hack squats
3-4x6-10 rdls
2-3x10-15 leg press
3-4x6-10 ohp
3-4x6-10 pullups (assisted)
2-3x10-15 reverse peck deck

Side note 1: The reason I didn’t put back squats and DLs is because I often see coaches teach these two lifts with horrible form and thus turn big rewarding exercises in high risk of injury exercises.

I can’t train with her either, thus I prefer lower-skill/lower risk exercises like Rdls and reverse hacks.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Side note 2: I’m not totally sure that a triple progression would be adequate, but I think that a 110 lbs female would do better with a slower progression than linear progression of most beginner routines like stronglifts or starting strenght.

You honestly have no business trying to “coach” anybody. Judging by your previous threads you are not qualified. Either find her a prewritten program or get her a real coach.


This is exactly the situation you don’t want to find yourself in. It is high chance of blowing up in your face and low chance of bearing any fruit for you.

For less than $50 you can get a program.written by a professional a bit more gets her a personalised one. So the solution is cheap and low effort.

If it’s successful, you will still get most of the credit. If it fails you don’t get taken down with the ship. Do the smart thing.


You’re right, I’m not qualified, I have never coached anybody but my brother, and I had him train on a prewritten program.
Me myself got all of my gains on prewritten programs.

That’s why I’m on a forum: I’m always striving to read and learn.

Anyway any suggestions?

Any suggestions?

That’s 5-6xweek
She will train 2x.

And having a % based program means that you should test maxes for a complete beginner.

I mean: you’re right for sure about coaching, but have you read my thread at least?

Probably best if you hire a coach. Haven’t seen many success stories lifting twice week with pink DBs.


You also want to watch out for being too involved in her lifting/physique goals, which are personal for her. We have so quite a few posters here start with “my girlfriend/wife wants to lift and look like X, Y, an Z.” As questions come, it’s clear that they want their GF/wife to look like X, Y and Z and are coming up with elaborate and ill-conceived plans to accomplish it.


I don’t think your plan looks that terrible.

Personally I would take reverse hacks and RDLs out of the “B” day and add some kind of lunge. So “A” is for glute/hams and “B” is for quads/hips. If you just absolutely Must have 6 lifts per day, try something easy like step ups or goblet squats.

Google ‘lifting twice a week nia’ and you get a programme by Nia shanks. Don’t know who she is but it seems sensible and has double progression in it. Simples

I use this to guide programming for all of my clients

Didn’t read your program.

Don’t try and be a coach for your girlfriend, nothing good can come from it.