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Girlfriend’s First “Cycle” (Anavar)

My mrs is wanting to tone up and lose some body fat and I’ve convinced her to try Var and was wondering if anyone’s mrs has done a cycle?

If so, what dosage did she do and how long was the cycle?
And was there noticeable fat loss?

She’s currently at 10mg am 10mg pm (2nd week in) and I’m just thinking because it’s so weak she might have to bump it up to 40mg (10mg 4x a day)?
Probably run it for 12-14weeks


I believe that’s a lot. 20mg daily is a manly dose lol.

Start with 5mg daily. My buddy’s girl did a cycle years ago and got really lean. She did 5 or 7.5mg I think.

But don’t give her 40mg. Hell I take 50mg lol

Edit: she did 6 weeks. I think that’s fairly standard

Edit #2: there is a girl on here who did a cycle of Var recently. Maybe search for girl Anavar cycle or something like that.

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Just did a quick google and this is def not a good idea. Unless you like your mrs looking and sounding more like a man.

Doses used in young women with growth issues were ~ .03mg/kg/day in the first study I looked up

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Var for woman is 10mg per day fitness or swimsuit models.
20mg per day IF you want to mass up with possible masculine side effects and facial hair.

Normal cycle is 6 weeks on, 4 weeks off. No PCT’s needed for women.
Expect energy and strength levels to increase while on! Also toning and hardening.
Additional benefits, Blocks cortisol and estrogen.
Var is not a miracle drug, it wont benefit you unless you Train hard while on otherwise don’t bother taking it!

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Enjoy your Mrs becoming your Mr.

I hope you’re hiding assets well, because when she divorces you you’re not going to want to give up half your stuff.


I’m not an expert on female AAS usage, but 20 is VERY high, I definitely wouldn’t recommend 40. I’m not smart enough to know what a “good” dosage is, but I definitely know what a “bad” dosage is.


I’m going to add this because it’s necessary.

Vocal cord thickening, causing a deeper voice: irreversible

Enlarged clit: irreversible

Growth of facial bones: irreversible

That’s not to mention hair loss, hair growth, and the mental sides (they’re called varbots for a reason), all of which you’ve exposed her to because she’s too lazy to eat better.

Had you spent five minutes researching this you would have known not to do this. That’s wildly irresponsible.


You should have researched this beforehand not 2 weeks in. Drop the dose NOW.


Hey, @swoops39, I think I’m the girl you’re referring to. :blush:

I researched AAS for years before I finally made the decision to commit. I’ve been training for 10+ years and have a consistent and planned diet. I’m still new to AAS, as I’m currently on my second cycle, started with Winny, now on Var. Everything you’re saying, OP, is wildly irresponsible (as @iron_yuppie so eloquently put it), good luck to your wife, she’s putting her femininity in your hands. No way I’d ever let a man make those decisions for me.


Um, thanks, but I know more than what google says. Been doing this since 2000 and have studied the human body so when it comes to things like this I know 50x more than GP’s.

Appreciate the response though.

It’s my fault, I think I posted this in the wrong section. Was kinda hoping to speak to girls re: their previous var cycles and their dosage/duration and results.

I’ve been a PT professionally since 03 (when I got my diploma of fitness) so no need to worry about training or diet (also have diploma of nutrition and cert 3 for rehabilitation).

Basics are covered.
Looking for super advanced advice.

FYI. You said you looked up dosage for medical treatments… you gotta times that by like ten to get physical results (for body transformation/bodybuilding vs medical use).

Eg. Testosterone replacement therapy gives you 250mg injection every 4 months.
Bodybuilding you’d do that twice a week.
Just keep that in mind if you’re getting information from the internet.
You know what I mean?

I wasn’t meaning 40mg a day for the whole cycle. I should of stated it would be a pyramid course, so only hitting max in the middle for about 4-5 weeks before tapering back down.

For women “average” (minimum) dose is 5-20mg p/d (men is like 40-150) as it’s the weakest anabolic there is, that’s why the “average dose” is very low. Most people start on it and when you first start gear you’re pretty cautious (especially if a female worrying about masculinising).

Only reason I was asking is she’s new to it and all the girls I know that compete in bikini/fitness comps all do 60mg a day and I didn’t want her to start at that dose (or even hit that dose).

Also, these girls that do 2 sometimes 3 Var courses a year for the past 2-3 yrs (now at 60mg p/d) have zero masculinising. Zero extra hair. Zero enlarged clitorus. Zero deepening of voice etc. These girls are smoking hot.
I know that masculinising effects become ‘possible’ at 50mg p/d and higher.
That doesn’t mean if some girl dose a 50mg course she’s gonna get a beard or sound like a man lol. It just means those side effects are now a possibility since your hormones are now entering that threshold. Just like you’re not gonna get deca dick if you do 100mg a week.

I probably posted this in the wrong section?
I’m new on this (only been a few weeks) so still trying to figure it all out.
Was kinda hoping to get info from someone who’s mrs has actually done it or from a woman who has done it as I’ve done so much research on different compounds of gear over the past couple of decades that there’s nothing new online (to me). And since I’m not female and haven’t done it myself, I’m kinda going of recent studies and professional swimsuit models, meeting in “the middle” and going a bit lower just to be sure.

Thanks for the reply though bro

I love these threads.


These things are not equivalent. You’re taking a goal that is achievable with low or no drugs and conflating the experience of models, who are taking bigger risks for a bigger reward. That’s unbelievably bad logic. As far as what side effects you ‘know’ other models are getting, let me tell you something you should have learned years ago: everybody lies. Very, very few women are going to volunteer to you the detail that their clit has gotten big enough to have its own jock strap.

Further, you’ve taken fitness models and extrapolated their survivorship bias into what you believe to be a safe dosing range. I’m sure that some women can run 40mg and not end up looking like pre-op Bruce Jenner. But the ones who weren’t so lucky? They’re not on stage or cashing in on Instagram. What happens when your girl ends up in one category instead of the other? Absolutely none of this was done with the care that would be indicative of a person for actually loves their partner. Minimum effective dosage means minimum effective dosage, not starting high and going higher. This is straight up psychopathy. Either that or full-fledged ignorance. I’ll let you pick which one of those you think is better or more accurate.


Anavar doesn’t deserve its ‘weak’ reputation. It’s a strong compound. Listen to the advice me and others are giving you and don’t give your girl more than 5-10mg a day

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You’re wasting your time, my friend. Save your knowledge for those of us that value your input. This dude already knows everything apparently, why he even bothered to ask for anyone’s opinion is beyond me.


I have read through this thread. I suggest further reading for you. Google “Dunning - Kruger”. I am not trying to be a dick, but you are demonstrating Dunning - Kruger.

The max dose I would advise a woman to take is 5 mg/day. If all goes well, it can be upped to 10 mg/day and see how it goes from there (and be ready to bail). Do you know this is actually Var? It is faked a lot. You could be giving your Mrs. winny/dbol tabs or something else. Do you Know they are dosed properly? Extra attention to detail and caution needs to be in place if women want to use AAS and stay feminine.


The fact you posted that TRT is 250mg every 4 months demonstrates just how little you know.

That really does-

If you do go ahead and ignore the advice you’re given can you post some pictures of her beard next year for us all to have a laugh? Please?

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“I have some worthless degrees and certifications and know everything about diet and training, yet I need advice from a forum of strangers. However, I will not take any advice or valid pointers because I am a personal trainer since 03 BRO”

Will I get banned for calling someone a dickhead on this forum?


This thread raises some memories of my ex-wife getting into some of my stash on the sly. She was a women’s physique competitor. She once had a beautiful voice. [Her talent in beauty pageants was singing.]